Top 10 Things You Should Add to Your Wardrobe This Summer – for Women

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The word summer itself reminds you of those beautiful busy beaches, juicy mangoes, ice creams and colourful outfits! Unlike the winter season where one would rather snuggle under a comforter and watch reruns, summer is the time to go out and have fun, and we need gorgeous things to look gorgeous! However, when we decide to go out shopping, it isn’t a unnatural phenomenon that when we girls decide to go shop for one thing, we usually end up buying ten more things! But surely, you just can’t do without that new cute sweater you saw on display! Or those black pants that you probably won’t be able to live without. Or that tunic that seems totally comfortable and feels like it’s just made for you! …but, maybe you can do without it. ListDose is here to help you out, and this article is about those ten things that you most definitely need this summer, and also reasons out why just these essentials would not only make you look fashionable, but also help you beat the heat!


1. Shorts


Shorts are THE pick of this season. Super comfortable and a definite way to keep yourself cool, these come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. A favourite is the bermuda shorts. These may have been the earliest style of shorts attire worn by both men and women and, to no surprise, are still quite popular today. This classic style can be worn with a cotton tanktop or a nice light-weight blouse. Since Bermuda shorts hit right above the knee, they are also suitable office attire when complemented by heels and a dress shirt. You can stick to a basic color such as khaki, grey, or white for the season, or even pick out neon colours, floral prints, embellishments, ripped jeans, or anything that makes you look totally amazing.


2. White Button Downs:

White Button Downs

The white button-down shirt should fit anyone well, and you’d look great in it. Beware, at first glance, your white shirt may look no different than the one your husband or boyfriend wears under his suits, but yours is made and cut specifically for a woman, and helps you increase the chic quotient. White button down shirts are flattering and accentuate your best features, and can never go wrong when worn anywhere. You can wear a white shirt on its own, tucked in or out, under a sweater, under a jacket, or as part of a suit!


3. Denim Jackets:

Denim jackets

Denim jackets have been a long time favourite in our list of wardrobe must haves. They’re comfortable, casual and compliment a surprisingly wide variety of outfits. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, where some of the popular ones include distressed denim, acid wash, or even slightly ripped jeans to give you that chic look. Looking to dress down your little back dress or your tank top for a more casual look? Throw on your denim jacket. If you’re worried about the jacket looking too dated, choose something without a lot of embellishments. A little tip for all you girls out there would be to stock up on those cute brooches or badges, and wearing them on your denim jacket would definitely make you look super cute!


4. Capris and Leggings

Capris and Leggings

We love how versatile capris and leggings are. They can be worn as business attire, or even at semi-formal parties, or you can even wear them to hang out with friends on the beach. Capris are a hot look for summer, of course, but they also work year round in the right setting. They are worth having, and quite effective at beating the heat, so we recommend you pick up a pair or two just in case. As for the colours, khaki is our go to choice for capris, but we do encourage you to experiment! As for leggings, they are the right option to be paired with all our kurtis and long tshirts. Of course, normally, we couldn’t do wrong with a nice pair of black leggings, but a recommendation would be fashionable retro leggings, or ones with chunky prints on it. We have recently read about leggings featuring prints of the Amul girl mascot and a Thums Up batik, which sound really funky, so do make sure to check those out as well!


5. Tank tops

Tank tops

When listing things that define summer, tanktops join barbeques, lemonade, sandals and the beach among the all-time classics. Whether worn one at a time or layered, tank tops are the way to go! These can also be worn paired with a cute jacket or a scarf, and go well with any skirts/shorts or even jeans. One of our favourite types of tank tops are the ones with catchy phrases or witty dialogue on them, and trust us, if you have one that says ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’, we will love you for it! You can pick tank tops in bold colours like pink, blue or black, or even go out of the way to pick a wacky print!


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