Top 10 Things You Should Add to Your Wardrobe This Summer – for Women

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6. Loafers


Whether you wear flats or not, loafers are something you should try this summer. Loafers are an American classic, albeit the history of the moccasin-style traces back to handmade shoes made by Norwegian fisherman during their off-season. In the mid-1930′s, American tourists brought their “discovery” across the Atlantic – and just like blue jeans and trench coats – loafers have since become an American classic and a preppy cliché. Loafers are user-friendly without being too laidback. Team them with chinos or jeans and a polo shirt for a casual yet refined look. They also look awesome with shorts and denims, and are colorful, comfy and stylish.


7. Jumpsuits:


A jumpsuit is a very fun, comfy and stylish outfit which you can wear anytime and anywhere in summer. If you want to add some more style to it and if you have great shoulders to show off then an off shoulder jumpsuit is a smart option. It’s just perfect for a casual day and truly a must have in your summer wardrobe. Jumpsuits have seen their fair share of fans on the ramp and award functions as well, so don’t be afraid to get one, you’re already halfway on your journey to being a fashionista!


8. Maxi dress:

Maxi dress

Maxi dress is a hot option for the summer. These long, breezy dresses have been popular for several seasons now, so if you don’t already own one, get on it! Maxis can be easily dressed up or down and can even work as an impromptu beach cover up. These versatile pieces have a distinct bohemian vibe and are a stylish alternative to the typical summer dress. It’s long, feminine and chic. If you are catching up on a beach or a pool party, this summer then maxi dress is something to go for. You can actually wear it on any casual day. Floral print are the most easily available type of dresses but our favorite is a white or emerald maxi dress to go out in style on a sunny day.


9. Floral skirts:

Floral skirts

Floral skirts are the key to get that perfect cute girl next door look. Depending on your pattern or print, you could easily pair this with a graphic tee, a solid tee, a denim vest, or a cute tank. Feel free to wear wedges, flats, flip flops or cute sneakers with your skirt too! As for the print in itself, you can also branch out and choose animal prints, sequins, well-known designer patterns, geometric prints or basically anything that looks like it could chic-up the tops you already have in your closet. Get one for yourself and be prepared to look gorgeous!


10. Scarves:


Scarves for the summer, you say? YES! Absolutely. Scarves would look great and fun on almost any outfit in the summer, and add a pop of colour to your wardrobe. We especially recommend the crazy bright ones, which form the perfect accessories to your outfit, whether you plan to go to the beach, the mall, college or even a concert! Not only would they help you look great, you can also transform them into a funky hair wrap to beat the sweltering heat. Scarves are the most inexpensive way to look absolutely glamorous and dressed to kill so don’t be surprised if you get hooked up on them!

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