Top 10 Things That Will Help If Legalized

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Leglization is a word which implies what is good and what is bad? But we don’t seem to realize the fact that bad or good,there are few things which depends on the individual choices, sometimes individual choices come much above social rights. Or, at times our society itself tries to play the ‘teacher with the stick’. But there are few things which are more of a taboo, however if deeply or think from other side, things which are illegal be made legal and it can be helpful in some way or the other. It is the individual choices that has to be seen in the first place.


1. Sleep (a fundamental right)


In one of the recent judgement given by J. Kapadia where sleep has been recognized as a fundamental right .Before venturing into legality and illegality of sleeping rights, it is important to know what is sleep? Sleep is an unconscious state of mind, where every human and every living being bring naturally acquire it and as a result of which the entire nervous system(activity) gets suspended. Now, that sleep has been legalized in India in this recent judgement in Baba Ramdev case, then the hour of sleep for truck drivers must also be legalized. In Tulsa, Oklahama the pilots of the chopper must get a sleep of 10 hours a day before flying a plane or a chopper. This right must be recognized in India. Even at schools sleep be legalized. It is a common notion among the teachers at school that even those who sleep in class , are for two possible reasons- one, that he is either getting bored in class or he didn’t take a sleep. Now, looking at present times, children are already burdened with lots of work- like going for extra class (coaching classes) generally after schools, completing assignments and the last minute panicking if the assignment is completed results in deprivation of sleep. And, sleep must be legalized in such a way that every school must allot a special period (what if named) ‘POWER NAP’ period just like restrooms in malls. Sleep is deprivation of human’s basic right and if somebody’s right to rest is impeded it is like taking away the natural right of a person. And hence should be legalized in its best way.


2. Performance enhancing drugs

performance enhancing drugs

“Why Legalizing Sports Doping Won’t Work,” this was taken and very validly put forward by the author in “Freakonomics” by Stephen. J . Dubner.”…..[..] Medical laws and medical ethics prevent us from letting athletes use these substances outside of a clinical trial. But athletes, who eagerly seek out anything that will give them a competitive edge, will still try and get them…Simply put, wherever you draw the line, something, some technique or substance, will always be off-limits. And so you’ve merely moved the line, not erased it…” what it has to be focused is that at the modern age, with new innovations and technology we must realize the fact that sports is not about physical display of natural strength . But, with time a lot of glamor came into picture making it look more spicy. It’s often a newspaper headlines about “Anti-doping tests”. Mostly athletes have the tendency to go back to their changing room and have secret steroids which gives them energy to boost themselves up. However such kind of act has been illegalized and is said to be cheating . but did we ever think why such “performance enhancing drugs” been banned? Simple reason ! one: it has some kind of side effects later and two: if you have it, you get extra energy and you may win the game just because you had a energy pill. But , does the drug really grantees so!? Rather let’s put it in this way, why not make the performance enhancing drugs legalized and cope with side-effects. Make it SAFE ! OR DISTRIBUTE IT SAFE ! Create awareness among the athletes . banning a particular thing isn’t s solution that doesn’t make it a good law. A good law is something which justifies that what is right and what is wrong? And why is it so? ‘DRAW A LINE IN BETWEEN AND EXPLAIN IT LOUD and CLEAR.’


3. Suicide (right to die with dignity)


It is a choice of the person if he wants to live or not and have a control on himself. Suicide is illegal because it directly affects the fundamental right of an indivudal. It must be left to individual choice. What if a rape victim if today has lost her social identity and she/he feels half dead or like a living Cropse and if she cannot bear the social stigma, let her take her own life ! Meaning commiting suicide which is my independent choice should also be recognized as fundamental right. If today somebody assume to have a higher claim to my own body and mind than I do, that somebody else has the right to judge my state and worth and decide what is to be done with me. We should try to ask the victims of suicide the reasons to be considered if he/she wants to commit suicide, and try to help. We must let them choose their path and not forcing them to endure a miserable existence, even if it could be considered a subjective thing, suicide should be left as a choice.


4. Save sports and allow Match fixing

match fixing

Complete banning match fixing (kind of gambling) does not stop it from taking place but only drives it underground. What if match fixing is legalized? Simple! The money which is being passed under the table, will increase the tranperacy level so that that bookies, cricketers and (if politicians) are involved they will easily be blacklisted. Not only that but one can trace the source of money from where it has been derived. Once the person comes into lime light, he can be kept under a scanner. It will rather act as a linchpin if the money is derived illegal means. Instead lets make a law which is flexible instead of making it a strict law. So, why not think outside the legal book?


5. Marijuna


As for the present status marijuana is banned. Let’s reverse the picture for the time being and let’s try to visualize that the amount that we are spending to regularize marijuana use, that amount of billions can be spent rather in legalizing it’s use, by virtue of imposing tax on it unlike alchohol, drugs. If economics benefits are calculated, if heavy taxes are imposed, then the money gained while trafficking marijuana and the profit earned (as black money) can be converted into white money and the legalization would help conerting the black money into white money.


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