Top 10 Weird Things Done On Account Of Science

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“Become a scientist they said, look at the world from a different perspective they said.” I believe Science to be either a whining girlfriend or a reassuring mother. Anyway, Science is as fascinating as Einstein’s wits and as annoying as the Sheldon guy from the Big Bang Theory. Most of the time, Science can drive you insane unless you’re Dr.Hannibal who we’re told is psychologically impenetrable in a number of movies. The quest to seek scientific answers is not bound by a trail of breadcrumbs. It is a series of unfortunate and misleading events that guides you to the Mountain of Illumination. From dissecting orphaned dead bodies and studying human anatomy to perfecting the flawless human by injecting different strains of DNA and whatever, Science is ” A Beautiful Body” but controlled by minds of Dr. Hugo Strange, Aldrich Killian,Jekyll and so on.


1. The Ultimate Endurance

ultimate endurance

Oh God, does it really have to end this way! Picking up weights, body building, 6 packs, a little bit of Tai chi is what a typical man aches for and it probably defines him the best. But having multiple weights stacked on to your package (The very thought is making me spike up in visual pain, I hate this topic!) is too extreme no matter what kind of a mumbo-jumbo science experiment it is! Hebert Woollard and Edward Carmichael jumped at the chance. (Why would anybody jump to this chance, it’s not like you’re winning a casino!) These two fellas were studying the phenomena of referred pain, the phenomenon in which injury to an internal organ causes pain to be felt elsewhere in the body .Shockingly, the choice of organ was decided by the scientists! The gruesome experiment began with weights being added (OK then, so no off springs!) and separate charts of testicular pain were maintained to note down observations.However, their findings haven’t been authenticated yet since no other scientist is willing to undertake such an experiment!


2. The Real Spiderman

real spiderman

On November 1933, Peter Parker…… Dr. Allan Walker Blair invited a female black widow onto his left index finger. The guest had no manners, she bit the professor. But the doctor was a gentleman, he held the dangling spider for 10 seconds allowing its venom to enter his body. Apparently Dr.Allan wanted to study the effects of a female black widow’s poison. As expected,he began to experience breathlessness and severe pain began to set in. He was taken to the hospital where Blair wanted ECG to be taken to find out the changes the venom was enforcing but the measurements never spiked. After a tormenting week, Blair came to a conclusion that a black widow’s venom could be deadly for man!


3. Two-Headed What?

two-headed what

Organ transplanting was a new science territory back in the 1950s and Vladimir Demikhov was determined to make some breaking news. So, he decided to create a two-headed dog, Let me talk you through the details- attach the front end of a puppy to the neck of another dog by grafting its shoulders and head. Demikhov managed to create not one two-headed dog, but 20 of them, most of which died within a few weeks. His experiment lead to advances in heart and lung transplants in humans. Ever heard of a two headed-monkey, google it!


4. Human Soul Has Weight?

human soul

This is one dark chapter in scientific history! Dr. Duncan MacDougall, a creepy American physician came up with a theory that human soul has weight. The very moment, everybody went bonkers! He also claimed that he could measure the mass of the soul as it gets ready to depart. After a serious of bizarre experiments, he arrived at a conclusion that human soul must be around 21 grams. An uncanny Ducan managed to kidnap (I guess!) 6 TB patients who were “in the process of dying” and weighed them. Not only this, he also carried similar activities on dogs and mices. Soul weight has been elaborately discussed in Dan Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’, something called Noetic Science I guess!


5. The ‘Human Billy Goat

human billy goat

Want to shed those extra pounds! Follow Frederick HoelzeL diet. Right from his teen days, Frederick was used to eating things that weren’t went to be eaten for instance ‘glasses’ and some other items in the same league When he moved on to become a researcher, he decided to munch unusual materials in order to estimate the rate of ingestion. Sand: 52 hrs, pellets: 22 days, beads: 40 hrs, rolled twine: 1.5 hrs and along came diarrhea! He continued this diet for years to come and the press named him the ‘Human Billy Goat.’ Point to remember: His favorite meal was surgical cotton, an integral part of his daily diet!


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