Top 10 Not So Good Changes a Pet Can Bring to Your Life

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6. Schedule


A pet brings you a routine which you as a pet owner stick to and sets you in a time frame. Your life becomes more balancing as you set up timings for everything you do- getting up early, taking out your pet for a walk,feeding them on time,take care of their routine bathing -cleaning regime or recording and observing any bodily changes or sickness in them. while you have your breakfast you fill their plates too. They help you make your lifestyle change from a lazy-scattered one to a healthy and disciplined one.You get into a cycle,become punctual and learn keeping yourself in the ring of regular routine activities.


7. Responsibility


The sense of responsibility is best brought to our life by a pet. You start caring for them more than you do for yourself. You keep your eyes on the hands of clock, so that your pet is not starving and you don’t fail giving him the meals on time. You know when do you have to take your pet out for a walk, or when it is time to take him/her to the vet. Being responsible is not your cup of tea, but when you get a pet – you start working on treating and feeding them well and hardly take the risk of dismissing them too often ! Have a pet and see your home turn into a happier place with members becoming more sensible and responsible,especially kids.


8. Feeling of joy


Did you just forget to smile or you had not enough reasons to? Well here is your pet who can help you deal with that and make you a happier person. A pet is a master of changing you to a better person while changing your depressing-life to a rejoicing one. They are the ones who bring enthusiasm to your simple everyday life and helps you de-stress. With their sparkling queryful eyes,wagging of bushy tail, making sounds to get your attention, they bring you more happiness and rediscover the hidden love and fun in you. Kiss their paws,caress their velvetty coat,listen to their heart beats or simply rub your nose with theirs and all your worries are gone !


9. Teachings of life

Teachings of life

A pet makes you learn so many things of life and teaches you some valuable life- lessons; you become understanding, calmer , responsible, capable of understanding the silence, respect commitments and not holding grudges or anger. You actually can’t learn all this through books or office meetings or school assignments.Having a pet can definitely make you sensitive and compassionate. They slowly and gradually bring immense changes in your life with their affectionate character. Keeping a pet is one of the best methods to make your child learn about sharing responsiblities and inculcate the feeling of love and patience.The love and concern of a pet puts your trials and tribulations into perspective.


10. Companionship


A pet brings to you the real meaning of companionship, and become the partner who is always there to give you comfort.Loneliness and the feeling of alienation is that hateful thing which everyone wants to stay away from. Everyone needs a companion to face all the thick and thins of life. You may have good friends to hang out with but it is only a pet you can completely depend on, with uncomplicated affection.They are selfless,cute and adorable and just a glimpse of yourself in their alluring and glowing eyes, is sure to erase all your tiredness.They are cuddly and playful and are the ”all-time-available friend”.

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