Top 10 Reasons Why Children Are Afraid of Going to School

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6. Incomplete Home works and assignments.

Incomplete Home works

Home work and assignments are one big part of all students school life. In fact, speaking in the view of students, it’s termed as one big headache. It is well known that in such small time a teacher cannot complete all the portions. So a practice part is what children are asked to do at home which saves their time. But this has become a burden to students. And when these homework and assignments are not completed, the only way children think of escaping from being scolded is not going to school itself!


7. Bullying classmates.

bullying classmates

The first people children get to communicate with as soon as they enter school are their classmates and more specifically the ones sitting around them in class. This is when the child takes first step in making friends in life. At this small age there is no necessity for thoughts to match to make friends but as children grow older they start being choosy. This is when thinking starts to come into picture and when these thoughts don’t match fight starts. Fights may start with abusing words and end up pulling each other holding hands and legs. They fear of complaining to teachers as well and when the teachers also take it lightly it becomes serious.


8. Teachers.


Teachers as the definition goes are the ones who induce knowledge. But when asked a student ,a teacher means some sort of a demon. The reason maybe the teacher itself or the student’s fear of facing the teacher. Teachers, in today’s world are not allowed in anyway to trouble the children physically. But it has come from ages that a teacher hits the students when he/she makes a mistake. There is nothing wrong in the teacher correcting her students but the way it is done is important. This is one reason why children fear to go to school. Of course this being a wrong notion.


9. Fear of many people around.

fear of many people around

Children are not exposed to many people and are well protected. Parents very well would have experienced their children crying when taken to a marriage or in birthday parties.They fear interacting with new people. But this feeling in the child must not last long. Seeing a huge crowd around them would make the child stick more closer to parents. They get this feeling of suffocation with so many people around. Hence, hesitation in going to school starts from here itself!


10. New World.

new world

Children feel it very difficult to face the new world around them. Initially, their world will be comprised of their family members and their home. But now it’s a whole bunch of new things. New surroundings make children feel insecure. They feel left uncared all of a sudden. All they want is their mother next to them. This feeling makes them cry and even fall sick and they tend to stay away from that place. This is one major reason why children fear of going to school.

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