Top 10 Reasons Why We Lose Friends

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6. Neglecting them-not fair at all!


It is not easy to stay in touch with all your friends or maybe not everyone is talented to do this. But when they come up to you, never ignore them. Time is such a precious entity that no one would want to waste. Time being such and expensive thing that stops for none and when your friends want to share it with you, it just says how much you mean to them. Even if you neglect they come back to you which shows how much they know that you need them. So don’t ever give a chance and stay connected!


7. Fighting for silly reasons.

fighting for silly reasons

To fight, you may get plenty of reasons but to let go, all you need is no reason. Why fight with someone who is already ours? Reasons are a big heap from which you need to pick, but when you just burn up that heap you will realize all that remained with you are your friends. When caught in a tough situation, the first person whom you would run up to is your friend. It is not difficult to cry in front of friends. Don’t ever create a misunderstanding just fighting for unnecessary reasons because although it might be forgotten but it shall remain etched forever.


8. Not being honest.

not being honest

From kids to adults, we have come across this saying ‘Honesty is the best Policy’. We have read so many stories but have we implemented this in our lives? It is a common notion that once told, a lie has to be kept covered by further lies there is no end for it. I accept it’s not easy to speak the truth but then all easy things aren’t.

When friends are always with us and forever bringing a smile on our face, why and how could we lie to them? We might get scolded and yelled for a mistake but at the end all they realize is we are friends and it’s when we speak the truth that we don’t have to think twice before speaking. So it’s best to spell out the truth and make this friendship, a bond forever.


9. Not staying in contact-Ego??

not staying in contact

Ego has brought failures in people’s life and nothing more! An egoistic person is never accepted by the society. Why bring this ‘Ego’ among friends? There is nothing as who is great and who is not among friends. Generally like minded usually tend to become good friends. Then, there is no scope for ego to interrupt in between and even if it does then it’s our duty to wash it away and live for them who live for us!


10. Money matters-Not a healthy sign!

Money matters

Many people in this world feel ‘money makes man’ but they fail to realize the very true fact that ‘ Man makes money’. It was man who invented money. Why do we give so much of importance to something that was created by us and not us? When we go out with friends we generally worry about how much money we need to carry. But why be so formal with friends!Why not just stop giving importance to this ‘money’ and start valuing relationships. Let’s keep in mind that today it’s with us and tomorrow it’ll be passed onto someone else. Money does not stay with one but friends do. Keep them safe and spend on them as much as possible cause nothing is more expensive than sticking on to good friends.

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