Top 10 Reality TV Shows That Are Probably Scripted

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Reality Show is a category of television programming that is known to present previously unknown, dramatic and humorous situations. These shows have to be unscripted and real. But now a day the producers of such shows and television channels in order to gain a great publicity and make big money present shows that are scripted and unreal. A reality show is not a documentary, in which people are asked to ignore the cameras and behave naturally. There are numerous such scripted shows. Below are 10 of such shows.


1. Breaking Bash

Breaking Bash

This American reality show revolves around the lives of five young adults – one Mennonite and four Amish. These young Anabaptists adults move to New York City so as to explore and experience a world outside their own parochial community for the very first time. TLC’s Breaking Bash has garnered a powerful fan base. But, before the finale of the first season, many reports revealed and alleged that all the stars had been lying of their backgrounds.


2. Cash Cab

Cash Cab

This TV game show features groups of taxi customers who are shocked as they are offered a chance to make big cash by answering correctly a series of trivia questions. However, this show is not the same in reality as it is depicted on the television as sometimes people are often informed in advance that a taxi will come to pick them up and they’ll get a chance to make good money.


3. Real Husbands of Hollywood

Real Husbands of Hollywood

Real Husbands of Hollywood, an American comedy parody on BET. The show follows the daily lives of some celebrities as they experience adventures through their surreal life in Hollywood. The show is loved by the people. The humor in this show has garnered a very strong fan foundation. Unlike the other shows on the list, Real Husbands of Hollywood is a deliberately scripted takeoff of VH1’s Basketball Wives and Bravo’s Real Housewives franchise.


4. Toddlers and Tiaras

Toddler and Tiaras

Toddlers & Tiaras aired on TLC is an American reality television series which revolves around the families of the contestants in the child beauty contests. This show has generated quite a good buzz. A pageant mom of the show has admitted that the staged scenes are the unreal. Maxine Tinnel, a woman who has claimed of having staged a couple of pageants for this show revealed that the formula used for taping is to first find a crazy family and then a pageant. Tinnel also insists that there is a far less drama in reality than that is shown on the show.


5. Storage Wars

Storage Wars

The show features groups of different people who attempt to outbid each other of the right to open a locked locker to cherish the desire of discovering things of great value. A lawsuit on the staff and the show’s creators is brought forward by the star Dave Hester and this alleges that scenes are sweetened and salted before being taped up to the drama factor thus leaving a plenty of viewers with bad thought in their minds.


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