Top 10 Reality TV Shows That Are Probably Scripted

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6. House Hunters

House hunters

HGTV’s House Hunters is a show that follows families who try to find and buy a new house. The show has a lot of drama and has got itself a good number of audiences. There have been many controversies of the show being scripted and unreal although catfights, martial tensions or backstabbing are seen nowhere in the show. Despite of lack of all these things the producers have still been indicted for releasing such s fabricated TV show.


7. Extreme Couponing

Extreme Couponing

Everybody wants to shop and earn money instead of spending it and Extreme Couponing is a show that claims to do just the same by using coupons and accumulate goods. People love to watch this show because ultimately everyone wants to save money even after buying the things they want. Although there are a lot of controversies of the show being scripted, it’s still going strong.


8. Property Brothers

Property Brothers

Property Brothers, a Canadian reality television series that airs on W Network and HGTV.It I is hosted by the identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. These Canadian duo brothers help home buyers to renovate and purchase and fixer-uppers. Almost every episode of this show has the same theme and similar situation. This show is a little less like reality and is scripted but people love to watch it for the good décor and drama.


9. The Hills

The Hills

This show airs originally on MTV is a spin-off of Laguna Beach. It focuses on the professional as well as personal lives of several young women who live in Los Angeles .The last scene revealed the idea of the entire show being scripted. However, Spencer Pratt claimed that all his scenes with Heidi Montag were scripted and this confirms the absence of reality on the set.


10. The X Factor

The X Factor

This is a television music competition that originated in United Kingdom but now is held in various countries. It is a replacement for Pop Idol. Despite of it being a music competition that is supposed not to be scripted certain documents have revealed that the show follows an Australian production Bible which has the scripts of main aspects of this television series. A source involved with the show revealed that some on-screen events are manipulated in the post-production. Thus the show is scripted.

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