Top 10 Awesome Ways to Pass Time

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So what does one do when they are bored? Don’t know what to do? Check out this list to know what and all you could do while being idle, simply because an idle mind is a devil’s workshop and we don’t want that, do we? So come on, read this article to find out what and all you could do to pass time in a fun manner.


1. Sleep


Finally, my favorite thing to do, sleep. At any opportunity I get, I sleep. Honestly, I feel the current generation is working so hard in making their careers that they don’t get time to rest their body, hence, I feel helping your body recuperate to work better is a fantastic way to spend ones time. Sleeping reenergizes one’s body. It’s a less expensive way of giving your body Redbull honestly. Also, did you know that your brain sorts out your thoughts and puts them into little sockets rather folders to help you pick out the right document from the right folder if and when you require it? Yeah, that is something pretty awesome according to me. Sleeping is a key point in a healthy lifestyle. It boosts ones mood and makes them happier, for all those girls who get worried with “dark circles” sleeping is an instant method of reducing them. You will be surprised at what and all benefits one can actually get by just sleeping. You know what during your free time, find out what benefits you can actually get out of it and go ahead and snooze cause I’m sure you deserve it!


2. Run Errands

Run Errands

We all land up having loads of pending work which we keep postponing, how about doing that now? Finish off all your excess work so that you would be shooting two birds with one stone, that is, finishing off your incomplete tasks as well as pass your time away. That has to be one awesome way of saving time for other stuff, like eating, sleeping, etc. Remember the clothes you put last week into the machine? Yeah, how about starting the machine this week? Seems like a good idea right? So, finish off the laundry, cook something new for dinner, finish up those assignments that have been pending for the longest time or even revert back to those emails that have been filling up your inbox for decades now.


3. TV


Nothing can entertain a person more than our very old friend, ‘the idiot box’. You could watch TV to entertain yourself. If you want you could even watch a movie. If you feel like enriching yourself with knowledge, try watching Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel or even the news! If you feel like just relaxing, watch a sitcom, want to go back to your childhood, how about Cartoon Network or The Disney Channel (I promise you the quality of cartoons is not what it used to be during our day and age so be prepared for disappointment). If you are in the mood to groove, VH1 and MTV shall always be at your service.


4. Shopping


So, if you don’t really like to shop, this may not interest you but, shopping is a cool way to spend time. It’s a win-win situation, you go out, you spend time and get yourself something new! Unless you are broke, well then window shopping must be your go to move. Go shopping for something you enjoy, it could be clothes, accessories (don’t restrict yourself to bags and shoes, how about a new skin for your laptop? Or a new phone cover?) , get creative with what you shop, stop being clichéd. How about getting something for someone you really love? Like your mom, dad, sister, brother, anyone. Something small yet thoughtful. Something as small as a pen stand. Go on a shopping spree, buy your house a new lampshade? Do something cool and different with your shopping experience.


5. Gossip


I don’t mean gossip as in start bitching about someone, no. How about catch up with some old friends? Give your childhood friend a call and surprise him or her and make their day. Or how about giving you grandparents a call? I’m sure it’s been a while since you spoke to them. If you feel like being a little adventures then how about giving your ex a call and finding out how they are? That ought to keep you entertained for quite a bit, don’t you think so? Gossiping need not be done only through a call, message people, chat online will then or go ahead and even write them a letter to make them smile. Not an e-mail, a letter.


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