Top 10 Things that Can Kill a Relationship

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It is quite easy to get into a relationship, but maintaining it, is a big deal. Everything seems to be relishing at the initial stage of a relationship but as the time passes, interest from both the sides start diminishing. ‘You are not the same person as you were before’ a very common statement used when a relation grows older and becomes boring. People welcome new relations even without giving a second thought to it. ‘One goes and the other comes’, is a very popular trend in today’s world. But have you ever thought over, why doesn’t your relationship last for long? No, people are too busy in their lives to think over it and at the same time they are so engrossed in the sudden fast changes of their life that they hardly pay any attention to the cause of all that happens to them. All that is needed is to think why your relation is not working or why it did not work. There are a number of things that can bring undesirable changes to your relation that generally go unnoticed by you. Following are certain common things that you think as least important but they can kill your relationship.


1. Communication breakdown

communication breakdown

The biggest reason for the failure of any relationship is lack of communication. It is through the medium of talking and sharing with one another, what one feels, two people come closer. In the initial days of a relationship people spend most of the time with their partners but eventually with due course of time, people start giving priorities to their other businesses which causes a communication gap. Also, the same problem goes with married couples, few years after marriage, the trips, romantic dates, sight scenes etc dissolve into their daily chores. Even having their meals together becomes a big thing. Therefore, communication that bridges a relation when breaks, starts killing the relationship as well. Beginning with the small fights to fights over small things and then fighting with their own selves to drag the relation which ultimately dies out becomes the future of a relation in this case.


2. Infidelity


Among all the reasons that can kill a relationship, infidelity i.e. the state of being sexually unfaithful marks an important place. Lack of the fulfilment of sexual desire with own partner leads to unfaithfulness in the relation. Sleeping with another person secretly, brings guilt to a person and he/she then finds it difficult to continue the relation with same vigour. And once this gets revealed then the end of that relationship becomes quite obvious. Relations are based on trust and once this trust is broken, there is nothing left in the relationship to continue with.


3. Money matters

Money matters

Love alone doesn’t fulfil the basic necessities of life; money equally matters for establishing a relationship. Nowadays basic needs have taken a broader area, turning to a lavish lifestyle. People initially fall in love without considering other aspects of life and later on when they realise the importance of other things, money being one of them; they try to break that relation. Even between married couples fights usually occur on monetary matters. The never ending needs of people in order to move neck to neck with the world come in between their personal relations and tend to destroy them. Instead of curbing their own needs people blame each other for over spending and ultimately the relation comes to an end.


4. Insecurity and Over possessiveness


The major problem that comes in every relation due which even a happy and well settled relation may develop a crack, is the feeling of insecurity. Insecurity leads to over possessiveness which often creates an atmosphere of suffocation for a person. People due to their own insecurity ask several useless and irritating questions like ‘where were you?’, ‘whom were you talking to?’ and so on, which makes another person lose his/her own space. And this is where that person’s freedom seems to be curbed and as a result a desire to move out of that enclosed relationship awakens and ultimately this ends up in killing of the relationship.


5. Lack of Understanding

Lack of understanding

Understanding between two people is an essential factor to carry out a relationship. It is true that not everyone is a mind reader who can read your thoughts and understand what is wrong with you but yet a person needs to develop such a relation with his partner so that at least words can be understood. If you don’t understand a person, there is no base on which a relationship can be continued and even if you try to drag it, it is just like a hollow container which can easily break down in one more strike.


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