Top 10 Things that Can Kill a Relationship

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6. Grudges and Complaints

Grudges and complaints

Just like the shopping list of girls, their complaints too never end. This stereotype given to girls also goes for boys as well that can lead to harsh results. This is to say that, complaints till the time welcomed with a light mood are fine but at certain times they become an irritating issue. Too many grudges and complaints over little things can make the relation sour and therefore at the end a person is left just with a resentment and crying over a dead relation.


7. Past Relations

Past relations

Past is something that never stops haunting you even if you have moved on in your life. And sometimes this past comes in the way of your present and disturbs your life. Everybody does have past memories that may affect their present life. Thus, it becomes very necessary to handle the situations wisely and carefully as it is said that relations of heart are very fragile and they should be handled in a very delicate manner. Even if you have told your partner about your past relations, you must not keep on talking about that period and you must not dare compare your present relation with your previous one. This can lead to drastic consequences that you might have never expected. One needs to be very sensible to deal with such matters as they can become a reason for the end of the relationship.


8. Addictions


Addictions act as a slow poison not only for one’s body but for a relationships as well. There is hardly any person who likes a drunkard or a smoker as his/her partner. Alcoholics often act quite weirdly when they are not in their senses, which also include violence sometimes. And the hangovers often become headaches for the partner as well. And therefore, an urge within inside to leave the relation occurs which ultimately leads to the killing of that relationship.


9. Giving less respect to your partner

giving less respect to your partner

Undoubtedly love in a relation is very important but respecting your partner is in no way less significant. A person may shower immense love on his partner but ignore the factor of respect and this is where differences occur. Insulting your partner or not giving much respect, especially in public spheres may hurt a person’s self-respect. It doesn’t matter how much you love your soulmate behind the curtains but getting respect is also expected. This goes not only for girlfriend-boyfriend relationship but also with the married couples. Many times we observe husbands treating their wives as their property and as a result disrespecting them which sometimes lead to the killing of their relationship.


10. Laziness


Are you a lazy person? If yes, then spare your few minutes to read this. Being lazy may appear a very trivial thing but it may be degrading your relationship. You may ignore this bad habit of yours assuming that it makes no difference to your life and to your relation but it may be a factor that can corrode your relation with your partner. Arriving late on a date or failing to do what you are told to do by your partner can obviously irritate him/her so much that it may become a big threat to your relationship.

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