Top 10 Simplest Ways To Change Your Mood

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We all see seasons of sadness, we all see downfalls. There are things that affect us negatively and make us low and unhappy, and they are many times, just little things that sadden us deeply. In our daily life we come across many situations that brings in greyness and depressions. But of course, we cannot afford to harm ourselves in the long run for any of of it. Failure, heartbreak, arguments, broken friendships, are some of the most common daily reasons that get us into a bad mood. If not controlled at the right time, these mood swings can lead us to serious troubles and cause severe depression. It is therefore necessary that we learn to escape from this period of melancholy and step into a brighter sphere. Below is a list of Ten Simplest Ways To Change Your Mood that will help you beat the blue and feel better, happy and calmer –


1. Good Food

Good food

Food is one rarely common string that binds us all. For all of us there is one favorite food that lets us go on the knees. When you are in a bad mood, try to treat your taste buds well with some good food, food that you love, you like and are crazy for. A session of yummy, mouth watering meal will certainly change your mood to the good. However low we may be, a plateful of our favorite dish will not fail to make us happier. Ask anyone you love, to cook for you, or cook for yourself, or go to your favorite eatery. The purpose is to eat what you like and feel better. Food can never fail in changing moods. It is the best way to flip moods, so get lost in the world of flavorsome delights and forget all your worries in a simple and tasty manner.


2. Dress Up Well/Pamper Yourself

Pamper yourself

Pampering yourself is another wonderful idea to feel good. Something as simple as wearing good clothes and going out is an effective way to feel good. As it is said, “the real joys of life lie in little things”. Such is this one little act of self-pampering, that can really make you feel better. When you yourself feel attractive, well dressed and charming, your mood changes. A pinch of self love always is essential to taste happiness in life. Except for dressing up well, other ways are going for a spa, massage, hair cut, make over etc. In these simple ways one can feel better, as it will lead to some little transformations of the self, with which we feel better, attractive and changed. This is a lot of psychology, human beings naturally tend to feel good when they feel physically beautiful. So try out this simple way, as it has two fold benefits – first of course that it changes your mood to good, and second is the physical grooming you provide yourself with.


3. Sleep


Sometimes sleep is all we need to change our mood. Sleep is kind of an escape from bad mood, no doubts. But if it protects us from depressing thoughts, why not run away for a while? A long sound sleep often gives us a lot of freshness and flips our mood successfully. Sleep gives our mind peace and a pause of thoughts. The conscious mind stops working, it is only the unconscious one that is alive during a nap. When we wake up, we are fresh and light. Our distress reduces for we get a sufficient amount of break from thinking and drudging over the same thoughts. Therefore, sleep is one of the simplest and easiest ways to change our mood.


4. Conversations


Sometimes all we need is to talk. When we are in trouble we don’t always need a solution, for we all know, some things don’t have one. But we always need at least one person to listen to us. That is what conversations do. One best way therefore to feel better is to get into a conversation with somebody. After we speak our heart out to someone and gain the satisfaction of being heard, we naturally feel better. As, it gives us warmth, a sense of support, togetherness and love. Our problems may not get solved this way but only by sharing them with someone who understands, is enough to make us feel better and happy.


5. Hobby


We all love something or the other naturally. When we are low, it is best to get involved where our natural instincts lie. Painting, singing, dancing, sketching, biking, gardening, skating, sports, writing, photography, etc, there is a large list of hobbies we can have. We all have our own share of likes and dislikes. In your bad mood, it is best to do what we like the most. This will give us pleasure- sensual and emotional, a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction – all that we need the most when we are unhappy.


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