Top 10 Things Your Parents Do That Might Hurt You

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Parents are a gift of god. As soon as an infant opens its eyes parents are first ones they see. Think over the fact that when we were just little kids we were pampered by are parents to such a great extent. But as we grow up it sometimes happens as the generation gap between us and our parents widens we tend to drift away from them. The reason behind this can also be the lack of understanding between them. It’s mostly misinterpreted that parents are always right but shockingly enough it even happens the other way around. Sometimes parents are so over possessive or protective that they end up hurting you. It is not intentional on their part but things turn up in such a way that you are the ones getting hurt. These things might affect you abruptly. Therefore read on to know examples of things that your parents do that might hurt you. You might have been through it. Take a look to know!!!


1. Lack of encouragement

lack of encouragement

There comes a time in life when all of us need encouragement. It can be before any new venture you are about to begin or any failure you have faced. Well in such times if your own parents discourage you by further scolding you how will you feel? Won’t you be left disheartened? Encouragement on the part of parents is a necessity. Children look up to their parents for almost everything then why not for facing any difficulties. It’s through your encouragement that children learn to face problems. But when the opposite happens they feel scared to even share their problems or secrets. They stop trusting their parents and expect a negative response towards anything they do.


2. Being insulted in front of friends

being insulted in front of friends

You have invited some friends home and suddenly out of the blue your mom or dad comes and yells at you in front of them due to some mistake of yours. Well this is wrong not only do the children feel embarrassed but also insulted because they are let down in front of their friends. They feel angry as well which might lead to disobeying on their part.


3. Restrictions


Owing to the over possessiveness parents often impose too much of restrictions on the children. You are not allowed to go out with friends, don’t watch television, and keep studying all the time. isn’t this a bit over the top? I mean how can you expect your children to live with such restrictions. Childhood is a tender age you should enjoy it too. If you grow up in a closed environment you will end up with no exposure. And this hurts the children especially when they see their friends doing the same things. Obviously being allowed to do anything you want is too much but restrictions should be imposed only on necessary things.


4. Favoring one sibling

favoring one sibling

When you are in a family with one or two siblings you might come across this problem. Parents love your sibling more than you or that is what you feel. Often this happens with the girls of the family or the elder ones. Though people seem to have adapted well with the issue of equality but still in some places this still is a query unsolved. And also the younger ones escape the scolding of the parents which later on falls on the elder ones. In such a situation either the children learn to compromise or they might keep it as a pinch throughout their lives. Whatever it may be this leaves the child quite hurt.


5. Lack of time

lack of time

Do you have both the parents as working people? Well then you must be quite familiar with the fact that you are left alone with nobody to talk to. You are often left with the television screen in front of you. This hurts the child from deep inside. They suffer from lack of love from their parents. The relation between the parents and the child somewhere drifts apart. Both the parents work from day to night and do not spend time with their child which is a necessity. The children become such introverts that they hardly ever speak to anyone. They get detached from their parents. They are not able to express their feelings. Often in such cases as they grow up they do not respect their parents.


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