Top 10 Sure Signs to Identify an Introvert

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My best friend Judy is the life of every party she goes to. Being easy to approach, expressive and enthusiastic, she makes friends easily. She loves going out with friends (that are countless), as social outings are her energizers. Being the top debater in college and having a warm and outgoing personality, she is always the hot topic and I have seen many following her actions. But well she belongs to the group of people of 1 personality called the extroverts, but then there is the category of introverts who are quite different if not opposite from extroverts. Remember, though, that no one is ever a complete introvert or a complete extrovert. Introverts do attend parties, go out hang out with friends and extroverts curl up with their favorite books, like quite time and have few friends. As the psychologist Carl Jung put it, “There is no such thing as a pure extrovert or a pure introvert. Such a man would be in the lunatic asylum.”

Though one should never confuse between an introvert and a shy person, a shy person is just nervous to open up about himself at the beginning. Introverts are people who like being alone as it energize them. We have few introverts around us in our classrooms; in offices etc. one can easily spot an introvert:


1. The Loner?


Introverts aren’t anti social people, they just thrive in solitude. That clearly doesn’t mean that they are “a loner”. They like the company of their few friends. As they are generally involved in reading or in projects they like to share their findings and achievements with those few people only. True they like lonely time, at times they’ll even shut out their family and best of friends, but that’s just temporary. Try not to judge them on this basis and term them as “ill” or “antisocial”.


2. Easily distracted


Introverts like to focus on one thing at a given time; they like to perfect that job. They don’t prefer multitasking. They’ll rather have the expertise on one thing than trying to do everything. Introverts get easily distracted too, but in the different form than extroverts. Extroverts get distracted when they have nothing to do. But in the case of an introvert, he/she will get distracted if they have a lot on their plate. If there is high or more stimulation an introvert will either start getting distracted or withdrawn towards his own shell.


3. Call them possessive or territorial

possessive on territorial

Introverts don’t like intruders or people poking their heads in their business. They don’t like interference in any matter and neither do they like to share their personal space with anyone; they like to keep to themselves only. Having nagging people or relatives around disturbs them tremendously. Thus introverts find it so hard to share their feelings openly. They are very private people. They try the best to avoid any public complications or embarrassments.


4. Not always nerds


It isn’t necessary that all introverts are nerds. Agreed they read a lot but that doesn’t make them nerds in life. They know how to have fun; it’s just that their idea of fun is different from others. They enjoy being at home; home is their relaxing point- where they relax, like shopping or eating is for others. Being philosophical also doesn’t make them all “preachy” it’s just what they like to do. Philosophy interests them.


5. Intellectual introvert


Introverts are quite intellectual and smart. They spend a lot of their time thinking and analyzing things. They are observant and don’t pass their opinions, they’ll rather sit back and process about it and think it over. Introverts at times even tend to be philosophical in nature. Reading and thinking tends to help them in this manner. They don’t get involved in small social gossip; they’d rather discuss ideas and projects. They think deeply but also daydream a lot. It eases the tension from their mindset.


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