Top 10 Sure Signs to Identify an Introvert

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6. Personal space

personal space

Having a personal space is very essential to an introvert. It could be their room or any particular spot in their house, where they can sit peacefully and think or recharge or just relax. Being drawn to this space doesn’t mean that they are depressed or sad, this is what they enjoy doing. Being alone relaxes them. They’ll get drawn to their room or that spot quite a number of times in a day. They enjoy their own company more. Their nature is of being quiet and subdued in general. Don’t confuse this with “aloofness-of-people”.


7. Social life

social life

If you think introverts don’t have friends or don’t like to go out in public at all, you are mistaken. They do have friends, few, they can count their friends on 1 hand, but these are true friends. They don’t like to brag so only the few friends of theirs would know about their hidden talents and their life. They don’t like to go out much, but they do go out. They feel drained in a big party or crowd; they feel de-energized and hence have to go back into their “personal-space” to recharge. It’s important for them to go back process and think and then recharge.


8. Communication


It’s not like introverts don’t like to talk; they just don’t like to make small talks. If a topic/project interests an introverted person he/she can talk about it easily and instantly. Introverts have slower pace of talking as they think before they talk, unlike extroverts, hence one term introverts as slow. Whereas it’s just that they are being cautious and are thinking deeply before answering or talking. Though they prefer to write down rather than talking. They are good listeners as they are attentive and wont interrupt you when you’re talking and when they talk they don’t make eye contact and say what they mean. They are straight and won’t beat around the bush.


9. Observe and mingle


Introverts are silent people. They don’t talk much, but if they have to be part of a group or join a team they’ll observe the whole scenario and the functioning first. They take in data and experience very quickly, they are good observers. At the same time they are very patient too, they’ll never assert themselves or interject, but this doesn’t mean that introverts won’t put forward their point at all. They have strong insights and enjoy thinking and exploring their thoughts. Along with being observant and patient they are very cautious as they revert under stress.


10. The reader


Introverts tend to be aloof from social world as it de-energizes them. They prefer silent and individual activities. You may find an introvert choosing reading a book over going out and partying instead of being involved in group activities they’ll sit back and prefer listening to music or reading. This doesn’t mean that they are anti social; they are just not very comfortable in crowds. Introverts, they like to be involved in projects. They do thrive on creative stuff.


Introverts are like all people; just have a different personality and way of doing and managing things. They can still like to have fun, but like I said in their own way. Try not to push introverts, you’ll end up messing your relation with them or simply make them turn towards their shell more. They do like to party and be around people but for them their personal space matters more than you can even imagine. There are many famous introverts too, who have openly acknowledged being introverts- Emma Watson, Bill Clinton and many more. So hopefully thorough this you can identify your introvert friend/colleague/child and be OK the way he/she behaves. Because trust me, that’s all they want from you. So try not to change them into being an extrovert. Because if a person is an extrovert or an introvert…He is still a lovely person.

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