Top 10 Worst Natural Calamities & Disasters in the World

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Earthquakes, droughts, floods, cyclones and every other natural changes would have remained a type of geographical phenomena had there was no civilization to suffer. The sole reason that these natural and geographical changes have started been termed as natural calamities and disasters is that their violent nature has caused irreparable damage to human life and property since centuries. Ever since this planet came into being, like every other planet, it has often been subject to natural and geographical changes but since it started inhibiting living creatures these changes have started to be recorded and documented by human beings. As much as one would like to make the list of ranking these natural disasters objective but it is bound to remain inconclusive of all the worst disasters of all times because there have been many natural disasters and calamities in which the loss of human life and property could never have been quantified as they long ago. For instance, it is believed that Stroggli- a Mediterranean island was completely wiped out by a ensuing tsunami and a volcanic eruption that resulted in the destruction of the whole Minoan civilization around 1500 B.C., although the scientists are still to estimate the death toll. Earthquakes and floods have been the primary reason behind the ten worst natural calamities and disasters killing more than 10 million people. Here is the list of the natural calamities and disasters that will go down as the worst disasters in human history for the amount of death and destruction they have caused.


1. The Yellow River Flood in China 1931

Yellow River Flood 1931

This earthquake is one of the most prime reasons why the 20th century is called as the deadliest century in human history. Among various other reasons why the Yellow river is called the sorrow of China is that it has brought only misery for the Chinese people. This deadly flood wiped the land mass area of 88, 000 sq. km resulting in the death of between 1-4 million numbers of people excluding those who died from the Asian flu.


2. The Yellow River Flood in China 1887

Yellow River Flood

The Huang-He region of China which is an expanse of flatlands is always prone to floods. The worst flood in the history of mankind and the second worst disaster in the history struck the Henan province of China in the year 1887. The flood caused by the Yellow river devastated 11 Chinese towns and thousands of villages. Approximately 2 million people were rendered homeless due to the floods and the epidemic that followed the floods also took thousands of lives.


3. Shaanxi Earthquake

Shanxi Earthquake

The geographical location of China is the most seismically active zone in the world making it prone to natural disasters more often than not. It is because of this reason only that it suffered 8 disastrous earthquakes since 1990s. The 8.1 magnitude Shaanxi earthquake is the brutal earthquake in the history of the world as well as China. It struck the central part of China in the year 1556 killing more than 655,000 people and injuring 780, 000 people. It is believed that this earthquake this earthquake reduced the population of the Shaanxi province by 60%.


4. Bhola Cyclone in Bangladesh 1970

Bhola Cyclone

The Bhola cyclone is considered to be the deadliest cyclone to have ever struck anywhere across the world. This cyclone struck Bangladesh erstwhile East Pakistan and some parts of India’s West Bengal on November 12, 1970 causing floods in the almost all the low-lying islands of the Ganges Delta. This was one of the cruelest forms of nature’s fury killing more than 500,000 people from floods caused from the cyclone’s storms and the raised water levels which overtook the shores. While one would like believe that this cyclone must have taught some lessons to the state establishments in each of the two countries but to one’s surprise the governments continued to be in state of inertia till the 1991 Bangladesh cyclone again.


5. The Haiti Earthquake 2010

Haiti Earthquake 2010

This is the most recent natural and most cruel disaster which caused perhaps the biggest loss of human life to have ever occurred due to an earthquake. This earthquake had the intensity of 7.0 on the Richter scale and was followed by 52 aftershocks each of magnitude greater than 4.5. This horrific disaster affected more than 600, 000 people, killing more than 316, 000 and injuring around 300, 000 people. Another shocking fact about this disaster is that brought down around 280, 000 buildings with its might.


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