Top 10 Ways To Improve Your Oratory Skills

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6. First impression is that last impression

first impression

When the orator first enters the stage, the first impression is his/her style statement and remains to be the last impression because human beings have a habit of judging people by their physical appearance. For a good orator creating a good appearance, dressing nicely and keeping clean and avoiding outrageous hairstyles, makeup or facial hair is needed.


7. Early bird

early bird

Preparing speech ahead of time makes it easier for the speaker what to include and what not. The speech may not be the lengthy one but in turn short points which while delivering the speech can be glanced by the speaker whether he/she has included that in the speech or not. Read the points or speech thoroughly so that it can be memorised.


8. Connect


It’s not important to only have knowledge about the topic but in turn the orator should connect himself/herself to it. He should feel for the message to be delivered because what he feels he conveys to the audience same and the audience in return believes and feels the same if they connect to the message.


9. Indulge in different activities for practice to muster skills

muster skills

Join a group that gives opportunities to practice oratory skills. Pick one of the many groups that help members develop their skills, such as debate clubs, public speaking teams and Toastmasters groups. Develop a regular practice schedule. Watch other people practice their oratory skills.


10. Practice, practice and practice


“Being a great orator takes work but to do the following thing if want to master the craft: practice, practice and practice because practice makes a man perfect.” The great myth perpetuated about oratory is that talent in this area is inherent and inborn and cannot be learned. But our manly forbearers knew better. The great orators of the world from Cicero to Rockne practiced the art of oratory with resolute single-mindedness. Demosthenes exemplified this drive particularly well. As he was a child he was weak and awkward in both body and speech. But he determined that he would become a great oratory and finally he achieved what he wanted.


At last while summing up all ”Oratory has been called the highest art for it encompasses all other disciplines and Oratory is not mere speaking, but speech that appeals to our noblest sentiments, animates our souls, stirs passions and emotions, and inspires virtuous action.”Always keep in mind every oratory is public speaking but every public speaking is not oratory.

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