Top 10 of the Most Common Dreams People See

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A dream is not just a series of random images or thoughts that you see at night. A dream can say a lot about your personality and your life. A standard dream lasts an average of 20 minutes and a person can have more than 2 dreams in one night. Most people have little or sometimes no memory of their dreams. People do not remember most of their dreams because the part of their brain that helps in retaining things (memory) is inactive when we dream. These dreams are most commonly black and white and deal with people you have already seen.The brain cannot show new faces. The unfamiliar faces we see in our dreams are of people we see on the street or a cab driver. Various psychologists have extensively analyzed dreams that people have and these dreams happen to say a lot about the concerned people and their emotional status. A dream is a way the inner self communicates with us. It is sometimes on outlet for suppressed emotions and sometimes a reflection of our personalities. The dreams are different when one is stressed or trying to cope with a difficult situation and they are different when we are happy. We may see a dream so as to cope with an inner turmoil that we are over selves not aware of or we may see compensating dreams. 10 of the most common dreams people see are listed below.


1. Falling or sinking:

Falling or sinking

If you dream of falling endlessly and are jerked out of sleep then we know exactly what leads you to dream that. Either you are depressed or your life is out of your control. Your life may be moving in the wrong direction. Something in your life is dangerously wrong it could be related to career, finances or relationships. A dream about sinking is also has similar reasons. It could also imply that you have lost support from somebody or you have come to a point in life where you feel hopelessly trapped in a situation where you take the wrong decision and you feel nothing could possibly remedy the damage done. Hence the dream about falling is like giving up or letting go.


2. Naked:


If you dream of yourself being naked in public, it can have two implications. It can either lead to feeling embarrassed or proud of oneself. Generally when you see yourself naked in your dream it is associated with your feeling exposed. It may relate to a secret or your feelings being exposed, which may lead to you feeling vulnerable and helpless. Seldom does your dreaming of yourself naked makes you feel happy about the same. If you are one of those who feel happy about it then it shows that you re confident about your body


3. Being Chased:

being chased

You may have dreamt of yourself being chased by someone, it could have been an animal, a human or a monster. Being chased implies that you are running away from some frightening person or some pressing issue. In the case of being chased by a human, if you look closer you will realize you are being chased by somebody you know. You will then know exactly what situation are you trying to run away from and face it to get rid of such frightening dreams.


4. Celebrity:


Dreaming about a celebrity means that you admire the celebrity and their attention makes you feel good and important. You may dream of hanging around with Salma Hayek if you are a guy or Brad Pitt if you are a women. It may mean that you long for attention or a higher social status. This behavior may be related to low self esteem. You must remedy this by making friends who appreciate you and do not always criticize you.


5. Lost:


If any of your dreams involve you getting lost then it could mean that either you feel you don’t fit in, or it could realties to feelings of frustration and anxiety. You getting lost implies that you are looking for something or someone. You may have moved to a new place or new school or a new job and you are unable to adjust and you feel lost and out of place. It could also mean that you are having difficulty in making a life changing decision. Hence you are confused.


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