Top 10 of the Most Common Dreams People See

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6. Death:


You may dream of either yourself or one of your loved ones dying. Death of a loved one may mean imply an end to their relationship with you due to a rift or some other reason. Dreaming of yourself dying may mean the beginning of something new. You may want to start a fresh it could be a spiritual transformation of some sort. Dreams of death are common when you are suffering from a disease and it makes you fear death.


7. Being cheated on:

being cheated

If you dream of your spouse cheating on you it does not mean that they are actually two- timing you. It just highlights your own insecurities in the real life. You may have felt cheated on due to your reduced significance in your spouse’s life. You may want to spend more time with them to get rid of such dreams or maybe check their phone records and prove your insecurities wrong.


8. Pregnancy :


If you are a man and you dream of pregnancy then either you want the same power a women has that is of reproducing or you have a desire to come up with a new idea it could be a business idea, a art design or some new venture. When women dream of pregnancy it gives women the instinct to reproduce. So a dream about pregnancy always will lead to a good news and will leave you happier or better off.


9. Late:


If you dream of arriving late at a meeting or an examination, or you dream of failing an examination it generally points towards work related stress. You either have too much workload that you are unable to cope with it or you are just scared about work. Or you may have missed an important opportunity which makes you dream that you missed a bus or a train.


10. Flying:


This is a type of compensating dream. When you dream of yourself flying blissfully it may mean that you have a disturbed or unhappy life. You are living the life you want through your dreams. However sometimes, this sort of a dream can also imply that you feel superior to the others or the desire to rise above all the difficult circumstances that you might be facing.


If this list depresses you then do not worry, some psychologists say that a lot of the times the last movie or TV series we watch before we go to bed influences. So maybe your dream does not have a deeper meaning and i suggest you stop watching jaws( to avoid dreams of being chased by an animal) , superman (to avoid flying or celebrity dreams), titanic( avoid all sinking or dying dreams), the list can go on till infinity. Try and control your dreams, because a lot of times your dreams can just be your own manifestations that could be modes of entertainment for you, after all you are what you dream.

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