Top 10 Awesome Jobs That Don’t Need an Education Degree

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You will get nowhere in life without a degree’, they say. We all witness a rat race to the top everyday and everybody around us is chasing after a professional degree so that they can hope to land that high-paying job so that one day they can own that dream apartment, that dream car and support a family and a lavish lifestyle. Of course, that is almost everyone’s aim in life these days. But the question we all tend to ask is, is there any job that will pay us without a professional degree. It’s safe to say that this question is not absurd; in fact, there are countless jobs in today’s world that do not require a professional degree. Here is a list of 10 jobs that pay hefty amounts, for all those of you that don’t wish to be a part of the meaningless quest for a degree in a field your heart does not lie.


1. Fashion designers and models

Fashion designers and models

The one profession that pays really well and has close to zero requirements for a professional degree is the world of fashion. Let the world of fashion suck you in, all you need to do is allow your little toe in. Fashion designers are essentially required to have tons of originality oozing out and a lot of creativity that is feasible. There are a large number of designers who work in this field and are lucrative, with no professional education to back them up. Coco Chanel, Vera Wang, Ralph Lauren, Gianni Versace and Tommy Hilfiger are a few big names that the world of Fashion swears by. These designers swear by experience and the daring to never have attended fashion school.

As for models, the earlier they start, the better they are. Models, as we all know, have a shelf life in their world of cut-throat competition. But they are free to start as early as they please, without any requirement for a professional degree. All they need to have is the right kind of determination and a good figure. In the list of jobs that pay brilliantly without a professional degree, these stand at the top with an annual income as high as 50 lakh at an average.


2. Web-designers


The internet, they say, is the beginning and end of everything in today’s world. They could not have been more right about it. Remember how Facebook came in and toppled your whole world and now you cannot spend a day without opening the link to that website? Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook was no more than a college dropout when he started out. Today, everyone needs that one person who can put cyber-life into their big idea looking no farther than talented web-designers. What makes a good web-designer, you ask? Nothing more than good knowledge of the technicalities involved and the thirst to be different while making something people can easily use. Freelance web-designers earn a lot per project and they form the backbone of many high-functioning internet enterprises.


3. Hair Stylists and Make-up artists

Hair stylist

Hair styling is a highly competitive field with the demand for stylists increasing daily. Question is, what does it take to be a stylist with a name and place in the world? It takes a little bit of hands on experience and a couple of styling classes. You have to look to make your own signature in such a field, because at the end of the day your fate is in your hands, literally. So look up a couple of styling courses and take them, practice and see how you can invent your unique style with what you have gathered. There is a lot of money and incentives waiting for you. It is a similar story with make-up artists as they need not have a professional degree, a thorough, in-depth knowledge of different styles, be it vintage or modern.


4. Linguists


Languages are important in today’s world and knowledge of multiple languages only makes you more desirable. Nowadays, where communication forms the crux of almost every enterprise, having personnel with linguistic skills only proves to be an asset. The best part of this is that you need not have a professional degree in order to be a practicing linguist, all you need is perfection in multiple languages and if need be, a certificate of the fact that you have studied this through a recognized institution. Now you see, the deal is, that certificate is not necessary if you can show your linguistic skills. Linguists make brilliant interpreters and organizations as big as The United Nations scout for people who can speak more than a couple of tongues. If you have the thirst to learn languages and the flair it takes to master them, you need not go to college. All you need is training in these languages and the desire to experience various cultures.


5. Event-planners

Event planners

Celebrations look very easy but really, up close, planning these celebrations is actually an uphill task. You have to co-ordinate with at least fifty other people and for us to indulge ourselves in such tedious tasks may actually prove to be quite the night-mare. This is where our dear event-planners come from, whom with their contact base, grit and excellent networks bring to us the ultimate celebratory atmospheres. Be it a themed birthday party for the little one of the family or a grand wedding celebration, event planners bring to you the perfect mix of everything you want and everything you need, while you sit back and enjoy the event. Of course, all of this comes at a cost and rightfully so because these people are on whom the success of your celebration depends. In order to become an event planner, all you need is to have experience in the field and you can easily gain that on the job. Success and high-pays will soon follow.


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