Top 10 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Differently

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6. Decorate your house:

decorate your house

We can see big stars hanging on the roofs of houses during this particular season. Stars of various colors and designs could be seen everywhere. There are two main colors for this month i.e. Green and red. While green color signifies persistence of life, red is for the blood that Jesus sacrificed for the mankind. Front door of every house is decorated with garlands if leaves and flowers. Stars are a ubiquitous factor at the time of Christmas.


7. Visit church:

Visit church

December time is the busiest time for the churches. Religiously if we see, people visit church to say thanks to Jesus Christ for blessing them a beautiful life. Nobody is restricted and we are free to visit any church and convey our regards to god. Many of them also come to confess their sins and plead for apology from God. Children represent nativity plays and sing carols. So next time you are planning a list to do during Christmas, do add this point for sure. People today are turning atheist and according to BBC Statistics only 5% visit church during Christmas. Rest mass is busy cooking, shopping and spending time with their loved ones.


8. Celebrate it with wine:

celebrate it with wine

It is said good food and wine are complementary to each other. Therefore wine adds a star to this evening. A good wine results into a gourmet feast. Whosoever is a connoisseur in food/drinks would definitely want a good wine to be served during this particular eve. Wine lovers wait for this festival to relish their drinks and celebrate it with more frolics. While visiting our acquaintances during Christmas, wine can also be given as a present or token of love to them. Various wines are available in the market, still white wine; Pinot Noir Wine and Shiraz wine are preferred over all. Hence wine has its own relevance during this evening.


9. Cook plum cake:

cook plum cake

Never can we imagine Christmas festival without a yummy plum cake. Christmas cake is basically a fruit cake prepared to serve during the auspicious eve of Jesus’ rebirth. It can be of many colors and flavors depending on person to person. Various shapes of cakes are into fashion. Most common amongst them is round flat cake or Santa shaped cakes. Peculiar characteristic of some cakes are the involvement of wine as its major ingredient. Addition of wine gives it a finer and yummier taste.


10. Decorate Christmas tree:

Decorate Christmas tree

This is the finest way to inculcate the feeling of Christmas Eve. Many of us own a Christmas tree but we decorate it only during the month of December. This signifies commencement of Christmas and Santa Clause. Children have this perception of hidden gifts in socks hanging on the tree. Parents decorate it to beautify their home and celebrate the festival with their family. Initially tree was decorated with nuts, fruits etc. ,however these days lots of other things such as bells, ornaments, Barbie dresses and electrification is used as decoration material.

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