Top 10 Ways To Improve The Society

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6. Control population

control population

The world is currently growing at a rate of 79,000,000 people per year – more than ever before – and as more time passes that number will rapidly increase. The world population is predicted to be over 10 billion in 40 years, and will become greater and greater as the ever-growing human species continues to breed. This has led to more people no food, no shelter and this problem has a big hand in degrading the quality of life. Spreading awareness among the masses is a solution for this problem.


7. Eliminate poverty

eliminate poverty

The federal poverty level is $22,050 for a family of four. This equates to 21% of families are considered in poverty. Just to cover basic expenses for a family of four you would need to have a salary of $45,000. This means that nearly 50% of people are living in poverty. Half of them receive no government assistance. Poverty is a big obstruction in learning and has contributed to social and behavioural problems. Providing free education up to some age can be a solution for this.


8. Exclude social exclusion

social exclusion

Social exclusion refers to discriminating people on the basis of gender, religion, age, financial status etc. It is a sin for our society as it is creating disparity among the masses. Discrimination on the basis of religion has led to riots in various countries. Gender discrimination has lowered the morale of suppressed ones and made them weaker to achieve anything in their lives. So, discrimination on any basis should be banned and everyone should work hand in hand to remove this sin.


9. Recycling reduces pollution


Pollution is one of the greatest problems which in turn is affecting our nature leading to global warming, ozone layer depletion etc. The Austrian government made a commendable effort by stressing the importance of recycling by collecting garbage and handing it over to the city council. The penalty of not respecting this scheme is a high fine. So, it is every individual’s duty to work for this cause to save Mother Nature.


10. Enhance the education system

enhance the education system

It is said, “what sculptor is to marble, education is to soul.” Education is the foremost need for an individual because it teaches a person the way to lead a good life. It is a kind of means through which a person earns his/her bread and butter. It makes them aware about every sphere of life, what is happening around the world and gives them the sense of right or wrong.

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