Top 10 Everyday Objects you Didn’t Know Were Invented by Accident

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6. Saccharin


If Constantine Fahlberg had not committed this mistake, we might have never tasted artificial sugar. Once, he forgot to wash hands before taking his meal, when he came out of laboratory. Bread tasted very sweet to him, he thought at once that bread was not normal one, but sweetened one. Then, when he washed his mouth and dried it with a napkin, napkin also tasted sweet. Then, he tasted his own thumb; this was how saccharin was invented.


7. Potato Chips

Potato chips

Potato chips were French fries actually, which on the complaint of a customer were baked too thin. George Crum, inventor of potato chips, was a chef. A customer complained that the fries he was cooking were too thick. He delivered thinner French fries to him. But the customer complained again. This time, George decided to irritate him, so he baked paper thin fries. The client loved it and this way, potato chips got popular.


8. Post-it Notes

Post-it Notes

Spencer Silver was trying to produce an adhesive with strong sticking properties, but the thing he invented was not effective enough. So silver dropped it as the adhesive did not have any good properties. Another innovator, Art Fry suggested a good use of this weaker adhesive. He was a singer and his notes generally used to fell out of his notebook. So, he used the adhesive for sticking his notes on his songbook. This way, post-it note were invented.


9. Matches


When K=John Walker was working with chemicals, he saw that his rod was very dirty. He was cleaning it but it did not work. He dragged the stick rubbing the floor in irritation. Fire was produced out of it. Samuel Jones, later on, suggested him to put the sticks in a cardboard box. Previously known as Lucifer, this is the story of matches.


10. Viagra


Sildenafil is a substance actually responsible for invention of Viagra. When scientists were working with it, they discovered its ability to lower the blood pressure. Humans were given samples of this substance, later on; they did not give back the medication because the erection they got out of this substance was too strong. Scientists then discovered that Viagra could be used for treating impotence in men.

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