Top 10 Dumbest Things Green Lantern Has Ever Constructed

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Green Lantern is liked and loved by all. But if we take a closer look we can say that he is not as smart as he pretends to be. There is a lot of technical imagination in his work. Great power means great responsibility. But Green Lantern is not fulfilling those responsibilities right. Some of his constructions and imagination are very dumb and undignified.


1. Insulting Batman

Insulting Batman

The dumbest thing was the insult of Batman. There are many fans of the superhero Batman out in the world. Insulting him in any way is an insult to the whole team who created Batman and their fans. Though, Green Lantern showed a brilliant use of the Ring. Kyle is responsible for this and will agree to this that it was the dumbest thing to do.


2. Transportation


The transportation shown in Green Lantern is incredibly uncomfortable. The only contribution and the biggest contribution to the Justice League is the mode of transportation. He uses green bubbles and green paths which are very boring. But even then, these are valid, practical and dignified ways for travelling. It was a very dumb to have uncomfortably big and dumb transport vehicle.


3. Giant cupid fighting a Nazi

Giant cupid fighting a Nazi

It goes like this- the Green Lantern goes on a date with a girl and suddenly a Nazi comes up. Green Lantern needs to fight with a Nazi but what he does is creating a Giant cupid to handle the Nazi. This is very dumb and lame. what is more lame here is the scar on the cupid’s face which represents that cupid fought with someone and got himself cut by the knife and so the scar. Kyle was so old and dumb to have followed the same story of years.


4. Unnecessary outfits.

Unnecessary outfits

The entire collection of outfits is pretty dumb as so many unnecessary and uncomfortable outfits are overly done. Aren’t these bulky costumes a disadvantage while the super hero Green Lantern fights? Not just his costumes, but all the other characters wear extremely heavy sets of clothes. Please understand that you do not have to look good for a fight. Green lantern is a super hero and does not have to wear extra clothes over the regular clothes. Even the girls do not wear regular clothes but wears the costumes that has skin peeking from various holes. All of this overall makes them look dumb instead of cool.


5. Pirate ship in Space

Pirate ship in Space

As we know, the Green Lantern constructs things and objects based on the will power. The bigger a construction is the more will power is consumed. So play intelligent and make small things that do the job. You do not need a giant ship to go to a battle and do not have to take seagulls, waves and stacks along with.


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