Top 10 Creepy Places in America

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Creepy places are everywhere and they are tagged as creepy places when someone comes across any paranormal entity in that particular place. Paranormal entity can be present in a place where something unnatural happens like a gruesome murder, an untimely death, accidents, etc. It can be the spirit of the dead person itself or just the residual energy which was absorbed by the walls of the place as the time went by. From time to time paranormal investigators have visited various places learning its history, existence, reason for the haunting and giving an evidence as to what is actually present in that place. Whereas some can just the presence of an entity, there are places which are known to be haunted by entities that harm people. Here I’m listing out some of creepy places in America which is very well known for its degree of creepiness. Have a good read.


1. Missouri State Penitentiary, Missouri

Missouri State Penitentiary

Also known as “The walls” was a prison which operated during the time of 1836-2004. During its operation, the prison witnessed various riots leading to gruesome and killings of inmates by other inmates which have contributed to the dark and surreal environment it houses. Report on haunting states that the prison is haunted by the spirits of the inmates who have died painful death due to the riots. Visitors to this place have claimed hearing disembodied voices, apparitions, etc.


2. 112 (now 108) Ocean Avenue, Amityville

112 (now 108) Ocean Avenue

The house is very well famous for its mass murder of a family, drawing most of its dark nature from the same. George and Kathy Lutz along with their children, the family who purchased this house in 1975 fled the house after 28 days claiming it to be haunted by some dark entity. The haunting of this house was written by Jay Anson describing various and numerous incidents that was experienced by the Lutz family during the torturous 28 days. Currently the house stays abandoned due to its dark nature and story being out as both book and movie.


3. Mizpah Hotel

Mizpah Hotel

Mizpah hotel was built in Nevada with 5 floors and was one of the tallest buildings in that place. It was first built as saloon and later developed into hotel. Report of haunting from this place says visitors have seen an apparition of an old miner walking around in the corridors of the hotel and also a lady dressed in a red dress. Most of the claims have been of the lady in red walking around the corridor of 5th level who was killed by boyfriend in a fit of rage and jealousy.


4. Garnet, Montana


Garnet in Montana is a famous Ghost town reported to be haunted by ghost of the miners who have died there and also of a woman was killed in the same place. It is situated in the Garnite county which is a abandoned mining town due to the depletion of the mines in the town. Later due to fire, half of the town was destroyed. Various haunting reports suggest people seeing apparitions and voices of people and music ringing from the rather abandoned town.


5. Bobby Mackey’s Music World, Kentucky

Bobby Mackey's Music World

Tagged as one of the most haunted night clubs in America, according to the folklore it houses the alleged “Gateway to hell” and said to be haunted by spirits who were devil worshippers, cursing the place to be haunted forever. The site’s history dates back 19th century which was used as a slaughter house. One can draw the conclusion of the place being of dark nature due to the nature of activities happened in that site. Report from the owner itself claims of physical attacks and possessions of the people working in the same place.


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