Top 10 Creepy Places in America

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6. Ashmore Estates, Illinois

Ashmore Estates

Ashmore Estates was built in 1916 as an almshouse and operated until 1956 after which it was converted into a psychiatric facility. It was later closed in 1987 and reopened again 2006 as a haunted house. Visitor to this place has reported to have been attacked by the entities dwelling in the closed house. The place was known to be used by cult for conducting satanic rituals and whoever entered the place during its 20 years abandonment witnessed black masses, disembodied voices, etc. The place to have a dark energy residing in it and it is used as a tourist attraction for people who are interested in such investigation.


7. Moon River Brewing Company, Georgia

Moon River Brewing Company

Moon River Brewing Company is a pub with a bar and brewing facility which was built on 1999. Before its building, the place housed a city hotel built in 1821 which was the first hotel in the Savannah region housing both Post office and Bank of United States. Many people have known to stay in that hotel which was eventually into a storage house after the Civil war. The pub which was later built on the same site is known to be haunted by dark spirits which has physically attacked the visitors by throwing stuffs at them and even leading to possessions at the worst case.


8. Riddle House, Florida

Riddle House

Riddle house which was privately owned by Karl Riddle was basically built in West Palm Beach in 1905; later dismantled moved to Yesteryear Village in Royal Palm Beach during 1980s. What is compelling about this haunted place is that, whatever dark spirits dwelled in the house moved along with the house when it was shifted later. The Riddle house was first used as a funeral parlor and later for residence purpose. The house built at first was known as Gatekeeper’s Cottage which oversaw a cemetery. The haunting started with the spirit of the cemetery guard who can be seen walking around the house. The dark haunting of the house increased when Joseph, one of Riddle’s employees committed suicide due to financial difficulties. The family of Riddle had lot of problem to cope up with the dark entities and one could hear murmurings and sounds of chain rattling. The Riddle house in present has maintained its dark nature and the workers renovating the house has had experiences ranging from their tools being thrown away, seeing apparitions, windows being destroyed, etc.


9. Pennhurst State School and Hospital, Pennsylvania

Pennhurst State School and Hospital

Also known as Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the feeble minded and Epileptic was opened in 1908 to house people who were diagnosed with mental and psychiatric disability and who were housed in various asylums and prisons. By 4 years of its opening, the whole of the institution was overcrowded with patients. The patients admitted into the institution were considered feeble minded with disease like being mute, semi mute, paralytic, epileptic, deformity of any sorts, etc. According to the institution rules, any feeble minded person is a potential criminal. Due to worst conditions on which the people were kept in the place attracted the attention of TV channels which later exposed the disheartening condition of the patients leading to its closure in 1987. Whoever visited this place has reported sightings of apparitions, residual voices of the patients and believed to be haunted by the spirits of the tormented patients.


10. Bird Cage Theatre, Tombstone, Arizona

Bird Cage Theatre

Bird cage theatre was a combination of saloon, theatre, gambling parlour and brothel, was opened by William “Billy” Hutchinson and his wife Lottie on December 26, 1881. Within years of its opening, it gained its popularity and got tagged as one of the wickedest and wackiest night spot between Basin St and Barbary Coast. The place is riddled with 140 bullet marks on its walls. The place is known for murders and killings associated with the gambling happened during its golden age. Visitors who come to this place have reported of being pushed and touched by unseen forces. Various apparitions of prostitutes and of men with cowboys have been reported by the visitors.

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