Top 10 Depressing Facts About The Internet

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Internet- the massive network of networks. The fact is unnoticeable but internet has now become the most important part of our lives. It is the only medium by which hundreds of countries are connected together to exchange data, news and opinions. Internet has proved a boon to our globe in several ways. If on one side it provides us a cluster of knowledge, then on the other side it also keep us updated. Someone truly said “when internet stops working for 5 seconds, so does my heart”. The case is not confined to few. And this is what called ‘addiction’.

Excessive usage of internet is unhealthy and it has become the main reason behind why internet is turning from a boon to a bane. In many aspects we have to accept both sides of the coin. The most adverse effects are seen in teenagers. They spend all their time on internet. Internet has changed the social trend. People are rejecting real friendship and relationships for cyber relationships. Though internet is treasure of knowledge, it also do have a plenty of depressing facts. Some of them are enlisted below.


1. Privacy is disturbed.

Privacy is disturbed

Hacking has become so easy these days. People easily hack your personal accounts and misuse them.

The more we use the internet the more we have the privacy concern. Hacking provides an ease to some people to leak your highly confidential information also. So in many ways, it disturbs your privacy.


2. Addiction.


Though internet is boon to our globe but it is truly said that excess of anything is harmful. A study has found that internet addiction disrupts nerve wiring of human brain. People spend a lot of time ‘online’ which impairs the quality of life in many ways. After drug and alcohol, internet may be considered as the most addictive thing. Children spend their whole day and nights in gaming or on social networking sites.


3. Cyber bullying.

Cyber bullying

Online strangers- the initial step to get bullied. Cyber bullying has arised to be the most depressing fact and a big concern for internet users. It is not limited to children but also seen in adults. Plenty of people falls under depression every day because of this fact. It is not funny at all as today’s teens think. The thing which makes one laugh make other depressed. Today almost 90% of teens access social networking sites like facebook, myspace, twitter etc. on which cyber bullying is one of the larger risks.


4. Internet is destroying our memory.

Internet is destroying our memory

The fact is quite surprising but human brain has billions of neurons and the memory capacity is limitless. But what, if it is kept unused. Yes In some ways internet has provided an ease to people for not remembering things. Whatever comes in their mind they just click around and find.


5. Sexual exploitation.

Sexual exploitation

It is quite shameful for our culture but the twist mentioned is reaching heights day by day. With a great advent of internet, it has become so easier for someone to get webbed in destructive way. There are plenty of people or we may call sexual predators on internet. What happens to someone is sometimes so embarrassing that he/she can’t even share with anyone. Day by day it has become a huge reason of mental illness in people.


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