Top 10 Eccentric Buildings in the World

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Well, the world is a weird place where you may find lots of eccentric dwellings and buildings – thanks to the creative architects who love to express their individuality. Whether it is a residential place, a multi-purpose tower, a corporate building, a museum or a public building, eccentricity in any of them brightens the world around us. While some are artful, and others are whacky, here is a list of top 10 most eccentric buildings in the world:


1. Rotating Tower (Dubai)

Rotating Tower

Envisioned by architect Dr. David Fisher, the revolutionary Dynamic tower of Dubai is the world’s first building in motion. This rotating skyscraper having 80 stories rotates a full 360 degrees every 90 minutes where floors moving individually. Adjusting itself to the sun, wind, weather and views, the building never appears the same twice. It is amazing to look at different view or face the sunrise and sunset from the same window of your room. The tower consists of offices, a luxury hotel, residential apartments, luxury villas and is built in a prime location of Dubai.


2. National Centre for Performing Arts, China

National Centre for Performing Arts

The National Centre for the Performing Arts, that is abbreviated as the NCPA , is one of the newest and most unconventional buildings in China that took almost 6 years to be built. The amazing building looks like a giant egg which seems to be lying in an artificial lake. The structure is made up of titanium and glass and proudly showcases the successfully implemented project of Paul Andreu.


3. The Forest Spiral (Germany)

The Forest Spiral

When we talk of amazing buildings, the Forest Spiral of Germany that was built in 2000 cannot be left out. Designed by an artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser and executed by an architect, Heinz Springmann, this building is a masterpiece that resembles a spiral. The exhibition of the movement of the spiral plus the warm colors and beautiful highlights altogether make it a stylish, cozy and a real place to live in.


4. The Cubic Houses (Netherlands)

The Cubic Houses

The cubic houses of Netherlands are fascinating structures that incorporate pioneering elements of avant-garde architecture. Designed by Piet Blom, these are cubes which are situated in different angles over hexagonal pylons. When this genius idea of constructing 38 such cubic houses was perfectly completed, the cubes put all together looked like a forest where each unit resembled a tree.


5. The Crooked House (Poland)

The Crooked House

The Crooked house of Poland, located in a residential shopping centre is an architecture marvel that draws thousands of visitors. The eccentric structure gives an impression of a melting building or one that is sagged out of exhaustion. What is truly fascinating about the building is that it includes very few straight lines, especially towards the centre. The idea for the same was given by J.S Szancer, eminent children’s book designer and Per Dahlberg, a Swedish painter.


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