Top 10 Greenest Countries in the World

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These days, all the countries has started adopting “green solutions” for fighting against global warming and other environmental problems. They want to ensure minimum carbon emission and minimum use of renewable energy sources. Almost all the countries have formed policies and strategies to prevent deforestations, encourage plantation, encourage recycling, and promote solar energy and other forms of renewable energy. Here is the list of the greenest countries in the world ranked according to their Environmental Performance Index (EPI):


1. Iceland


The greenest country on this planet is Iceland. The country ranks first and wins the position of greenest country on the earth. The electricity in the country comes from geothermal means. Also, heating is done using hydrogen. This means that more than 80 percent of the energy used in the country is renewable. Soon, the country can become 100% efficient in terms of green energy. Moreover, they use recycled products, eco fuel, green products, etc.


2. Switzerland


The second greenest country ij the world is Switzerland. This remarkable success in the greenest country on earth was due to the green societies of the country. The people of the country use energy from renewable sources and uses eco-friendly products. The people themselves participate in cleaning the surroundings and keeping a clean environment. The people living there prefer bicycles instead of cars when travelling within the city. Some small towns do not even allow the use of cars for transportation.


3. Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Even though it is small country, the great things of the country make it better than others. It lies in Latin America and has very sound policies on environmental damage. The energy from renewable sources is used as a source of power for the country. The government states that by 2021, this country will be carbon neutral country. To conserve the forests, the country undertook massive reforestation techniques and planted more than 5 million trees in just 3-5 years.


4. Sweden


Sweden is ranked fourth in the list of green cities. The country uses eco-friendly products to implement the environmental conservation. The country has efficiently covered all the forests and avoided deforestation. Another thing very famous about this country is the use of dust from the vibrant lumbar for heating purposes. Many other strategies have been employed by the government of the country so as to avoid global warming and its effects. It has advanced on the use of fossil fuels as well.


5. Norway


In the era of global warming and severe climate change, Norway has acted rapidly to improve the circumstances. We all know that the Northern part of Norway is very close to Arctic. Because of that the impact of global warming is huge in Norway. Thus, Norway has to act as soon as possible in order to conserve their green environment. The country is already doing its part by using eco fuels and renewable energy. Recycling is also a very regular thing among the people of Norway.


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