Top 10 Most Disturbing Skin Conditions

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Well, having good looks matters the most to almost all of us. A very small pimple worries you the most. Right? But there are some really horrible and very disturbing skin-issues from which not so many people suffer in the world. They are painful; some can even cause deaths as they do not have a cure! Most of the victims suffer throughout their life and also undergo the pain of being ignored by the society.

Here are 10 most disturbing skin conditions that not many people have in this world.


1. Leprosy


It is also called as Hansen’s disease, causes extreme deformation when left untreated leaving permanent damage to the limbs, eyes, nerves and skin of the victim. It is falsely believed by most people that leprosy causes body parts to fall off. But actually, the skin becomes scaly, numb and diseased. Severe effects lead to shortening of toes and fingers as the cartilages get absorbed into the body.


2. Harlequin Baby

Harlequin Baby

Harlequin baby also called Harlequin-type ichthyosis is a disease seen in infants. It causes the thickening of the keratin layer of the baby’s skin. It develops diamond shaped scales of reddish colour all over the skin also causing the eyes, penis, ears appendages to be contracted very abnormally. These scales limits the baby’s movements and leads to cracking of the skin which paves way for bacterial infection and other contaminants leading to life threatening infections as well.


3. Elephantiasis


People suffering from elephantiasis develop very thick skin, especially in their legs and male genitals. In severe cases it can also spread to other body parts like the vulva and scrotum. The scrotum even swells to the size of a basketball! This disease is caused by podoconiosis and filariasis. No vaccines are available for this disease till now but are expected to be developed in the near future.


4. Noma


Noma is a disease that progressively damages the face and it is highly seen in children than adults. Ulcers develop in the mouth and the infection slowly spread through out the face causing tissue degeneration. This is caused due to lack of hygiene and safe drinking water, malnutrition, dehydration, immunodeficiency disease like AIDS.


5. Werewolf Syndrome

Werewolf Syndrome

Werewolf syndrome also called Hypertrichosis is a disease that causes abnormal amount of skin growth all over the body, especially over the face, axillary regions and the pubic area. It is referred to as werewolf syndrome as the victim tends to look like one! Well, since it involves only hair growth, t can be removes using hair removal techniques. Temporary hair removal treatments may last for several hours to weeks. But laser hair removal is one of the best methods for such cases.


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