Top 10 Harmless Words (That Sound Incredibly Offensive)

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There are some words which sound offensive when we think of them, but actually, their meaning is not offensive. This article discusses top 10 such words. So, if you find a word in this list which you always thought of as offensive, and you did not say it, start saying it, but be sure to explain what it means in case somebody thinks of them as offensive. But, be sure that the country you live in does not think if the word as offensive and the person you are speaking to actually knows what is the meaning of the word.


1. Feck


In countries like Scotland and Ireland, Feck is spoken to curse the listener very minutely. And hence, the word is not offensive at all. Even in the courts of Scotland and Ireland, speakers have said that this word is not offensive. Irish Cider Company was given the right to use this word publically. Without complaint, this word was used in airing of “Father Ted.” Thanks to this company, the word is no more thought of as offensive, at least in Ireland and Scotland.


2. Niggardly


This word is not offensive, the real meaning of Niggardly is to be stingy, but it is due to the syntactical nature of this word that it resembles an offensive word, and hence, people instead of hearing niggardly, hears something else and all the problems come up. There are many cases when people lost their jobs due to the reason of speaking this word in front of their bosses or colleagues. People think that the person who speaks it is being a racist.


3. Honky


Just like niggardly denotes a person’s hatred for blacks (for some stupid people, who do not know actual meaning of Niggardly), Honky is its counterpart that denotes the speaker’s hatred towards white people (for the same stupid people!). But, actually, it is not like that. Honky has been used for various other meanings in the past.


4. Wench


The actual meaning of wench is a “young girl.” In the western part of England, people know this word very well and hence, if you go to this country and speak Wench to any girl in public, she would not mind it. But, if you do this in some other part of the world, you might be in danger, as people around the world think of this world as offensive, except a few areas. In these areas, the meaning of wench is supposed to be “prostitute.”


5. Dyke


Dyke is a word which meant to offence those women who enjoyed men’s company. But, while spelling it, some people made a mistake and wrote it as Dike. Dike is nothing but a sheet of igneous rock. Later on, the group Dykes on Bikes, which is actually a group of lesbian women riding on motorcycles all through the city, thought that the word is not offensive and they took it for themselves.


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