Top 10 Best Cooking Shows on Air

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‘A best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach,’ goes the saying, which gives a true implication on cooking. This is one splendid activity that transports one to a different world altogether. Cooking is so much of fun and also a stress buster for many. And to add to this, there are many cooking shows airing on channels to help us retain the enjoyment while cooking. With media booming up with many cookery shows, cooking is no more a boring task. One can have fun and adventure with cooking and when the end result is well appreciated, one feels he/she is flying high on the seventh sky. There is nothing more than giving happiness to someone by cooking something very special. Not that one who cooks feels happier, but even one who relishes the taste also gets the same excitement. This is one such unique art that does not satiate soon, instead goes on and on. Food, as well all know, plays an important role in our life. But, food without good taste is like a punishment imposed on someone. With these cooking shows and competitions, people strive to improve their culinary skills in order to cook different varieties of mouth-watering delicacies.

Some of the best cooking shows currently on air have been jotted down.


1. Masterchef


A well-known cooking reality show, MasterChef has many variations to it such as MasterChef Junior, MasterChef India, MasterChef Australia, MasterChef UK and many more. MasterChef UK, headed by none other than the famous Gordon Ramsay, is yet another feather on the chef Ramsay’s cap. This culinary show has budding cooking amateurs competing amongst themselves for the top position. Packed with critics, anxiety, apprehension as well as excitement, MasterChef is a must-watch show.


2. America’s Test Kitchen

America’s Test Kitchen

One of the most-viewed cooking shows on television, this series is hosted by Christopher Kimball. Each recipe has been well-thought and well-planned that help solve routine cooking problems faced in households. With the cooks and host adopting a practical approach to most the cooking queries, this has turned to be an all-time favourite cooking show. The first episode of this show was aired on January 2001.  America’s Test Kitchen has each episode dedicated to a special theme and it is based on this theme that chefs cook mouth-watering dishes.


3. Iron Chef America

Iron Chef America

A cooking show of its kinds, this is an ideal platform for all the cooking professionals. The new added element in the current season would be the 20-minute challenge, wherein an exotic dish needs to be made in about 20 minutes and then needs to be presented to the judging panel. Aired on Food Network, this show is a themed one with previous episode winners contesting with competing challengers.


4. Cook Smart

Cook Smart

A popular show on Food Food, this is sure to steal all the hearts. Hosted by India’s Master Chef, Sanjeev Kapoor, this culinary show unveils the secrets behind yummy and mouthwatering delicacies. A co-owner of this channel, Food Food, he is known for his extraordinary cooking skills. Not just those, he has authored several cook books with simple yet healthy recipes ranging from starters to desserts. He comes out with a variety of innovative dishes that could be easily tried by one and all. This master chef will telecast some of the most famous 100 recipes that would include appetizers, main course and desserts as well.


5. Hell’s Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen

Broadcasted on channel Fox, this cookery show has the name of a top chef, none other than Gordon Ramsay. Known for his quick wits and short-temper, he can slit one’s neck without using a knife. Such a powerful man is he that competitors get really jittery on hearing his comments. An American cooking reality show, Hell’s Kitchen is all about polishing the culinary skills of aspiring chefs. These young chefs enter show with a goal and dream but soon realize that with Gordon, one can start expecting the worst. An exciting show by itself, Hell’s Kitchen is soon going to rock again somewhere in mid-2014.


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