Top 10 Ways Couples Make Others Uncomfortable

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Why do couples behave out of world? Do they even see us? As the love buds get deeper into relationship, their individual image slowly disappears from the picture. Sad. It appears as though they completely disappear. I guess it’s tough to balance when you’re really into someone, but you can’t forget your friends and (more importantly) family. Man is a social animal. Secondly, I guess couples are always explicitly talking about sex, sexting each other, having inside jokes and incessantly giggling. But such things keep on annoying and are awkward to most singles out there. It’s really no fun seeing them. Here are the top 10 most awkward things couples do in public places.


1. Kiss each other

Kiss each other

Busy talking intellectual stuff? Doing something productive? Concentrating on your work? Yes , then suddenly out of nowhere , these love birds emerge .They kiss each other ,exchanging saliva .Lost in their own passion they exchange a  French kiss . Yea may be they know you are watching. And that motivates them to do it even more. I wonder if they get their inspiration from movies. Parks, parties, office, holiday trip, restaurants, and beaches you can see couples kissing each other almost everywhere.


2. Groping/constant touching


It’s a wonder why couples grope each other in public (like you are petting a puppy). If they so want to turn their partner on, why not do it in the privacy of a home. It’s intimidating to be around couples who can’t keep their hands off each other. More so, if you are the only other person around. You really would be having a tough time deciding where to look. Obviously you don’t want to look away and make them feel you are ignoring them, at the same time you won’t want to watch it fearing when it might turn into a freaky threesome.


3. Hugging and Eye locking

Hugging and Eye locking

This is one more discomfiting act .Hugging is an affectionate body language to communicate signals that aren’t verbal. It is said that cuddling bridges the gap between what happens when couples are all by their selves and what happens in a day to day life. But often we see, couples pull each other into shadows and start hugging each other. Like they are desperate to feel each other. More so, eye locking – yeah, that’s cute. But when you are seriously on to a work and some starts eye locking, most obviously this would get you on your nerves.


4. Holding hands

Holding hands

Ever seen people going in 7 seaters, share autos, buses – who hold their hands. Start playing with each other’s fingers. I wonder what that means. But dude, it is embarrassing. At least care for small kids going to schools. You are definitely free to express your love. But with a certain amount of social awareness.

Delhi is the best example. Wherever you go after 6 in the evening, you would find people holding hands. Yeah, it may be a way the guy tries to make the girl fall for him by attempting to tell her fortune. It’s a trick to get please the girl.


5. Girl sitting on her guy

Girl Sitting on her guy

Flirting, teasing, touching and reaching out to the partner in public places. Sounds like a perfect chemistry. But, believe me it is embarrassing as at public places there are people of all age groups and each facing the sensitivity of a different mindset and having different levels of understanding.  Further, his manhood would definitely be aroused. And people around seem to be obverting it with closed eyes .


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