Top 10 Ways Couples Make Others Uncomfortable

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6. Getting intimate

Getting intimate

I was once going in a car. When I passed by a house, I saw a couple which just came out after decorating their house with lights. The guy was holding her face in his palms, quite cute, and she was looking deeply into his eyes. Feeling extremely happy to have that person in her life. Cuddling, going hardcore, smiling, holding hands, instinctive misbehavior in public places might be completely cool and cute. But at least have some courtesy. Not everyone has a partner right at the moment. You are flaunting exactly what they don’t have. Most would be disheartened.


7. Eating in a single plate

Eating in a single plate

Yeah, I know. There is a saying that, when you eat in a single plate your love increases. But believe me it is embarrassing.  Moreover, being a couple doesn’t mean you can take complete control over your partner’s privacy, freedom and most importantly Life! I think people would want to have their own food as per their tastes and not someone else’s. Everyone would like to have the freedom to eat in peace and quiet without someone else looking at their plate and mouth while he/she eats food.


8. Trying to pair up every one else

Trying to pair up every one else

This is the heights of what any couple can do. When in love, they start pairing up every body. It feels like they want to see love in the air. They may be the happiest couples, but they try to live through their single friends. Also, tuning their mind that something is wrong with people if they are single too long. So, they take it on them to pair up all their single friends. But they have to understand that not everyone is at the same point in life .Not everyone is ready to take up relationships at the same time.


9. Always staying close to each other just like magnets

Always staying close to each other just like magnets

Going to grocery together, spend every hour of the day together, quit the whole idea of going out with friends anymore. Yeah, especially when on tours, the couples to sit close to each other / on each other, or the guy puts his arm around the girl and she holds his hand. And sleeps on him. Either way, they always stay very close to each other. Like magnets. Get a life!! They seem to have a mature idea about relationship. But think about it, if you are spending so much of time only with each other, completely cut off from the rest of the world, there will be a certain point of time when you no longer wish to be together, bored of that life. It may end in a divorce. After all, being a couple doesn’t mean, you lose you individuality and forget your goals in life.


10. Try to showoff that they are perfect couples

Try to showoff that they are perfect couples

Most couples also try to show off they are the perfect couples. To the outer world, they appear adorable. Behind the closed doors, however, they throw lampshades at each other and can barely touch each other without feeling disgusted. Their relationships are completely sketchy. Folks! There is nothing as perfect couples. And damn, it is not a competition.

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