Top 10 Dumbest Sports Injuries

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Sports and fitness are to some people just as integral a part of their lives as breathing is. And such people are even at an advantage over others as they reap all the benefits of physical activity such as an optimum blood pressure level, a bunch of healthy cardiac muscles, an uplift in their positive affectivity due to the release of endorphin, along with many others. Sprains, minor fractures, damage to the skin and ligaments are way too common among the practicing and frolicking sportspersons and can affect their careers quite adversely, and even result into huge monetary losses for them.

Here is a look at the top ten dumbest sports injuries of all times:


1. Chris Hanson axed his own leg

Chris Hanson

Hanson had to miss a whole month of his game when he hit himself with an axe in a state of overwhelmed love for his coach Jack Del Rio’s ideals. In an attempt to follow the idiotic symbolism of the Jaguars’ coach who kept a tree stump and an axe in the locker room to encourage the team members of his thought to “keep chopping the wood,” Hanson got awarded with a severely injured leg.


2. Gus Frerotte’s expression of happiness

Gus Frerotte

In celebration of his TD run versus the Giants back in 1997, Gus Frerotte ran towards a stadium wall and spiked the ball into it stopping just a few feet away. And after a few seconds, he again ran towards and into the concrete wall of the stadium that too with no particular reason! This self-inflicted injury costed him a sprained neck and of course, a very painful head.


3. Adam Eaton’s apprehension

Adam Eaton

When Eaton couldn’t wait to open his new DVD, a double bill of Backdraft and Happy Gilmore, he tried to quickly rip open the pack. And in a battle of the Padres pitcher vs. shrink wrap, shrink wrap won the show. While trying to cut open the packaging, Eaton stabbed himself in the stomach with a knife and was hurriedly taken to a hospital where he had to stay for days before being able to get back to his much craved for DVD.


4. Allen Watson’s beer bottle

Allen Watson

He missed a fatal wound by just a quarter of an inch while trying to open a bottle of beer. Due to come off the DL in July 1998, Angels starter Allen Watson decided to celebrate with a cold one. Instead, the bottle shattered while he was opening it, gashing his wrist, causing a deep cut and subsequently sending him to the ER.


5. Plaxico Burress’ wrong placing sense

Plaxico Burress

In November 2008, Plaxico shot himself in the leg while trying to carry a pistol in a New York City bar. He had, by no good thoughts, hidden his gun inside his sweatpants and in an unsuccessful attempt to catch in from falling down to the ground and being caught by the security, got himself shot in the leg. He ended up with an injury in his leg and two years behind the bars.


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