Top 10 Weird Businesses Started by Women

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Women have been great entrepreneurs. The businesses started by them are flourishing worldwide. They have started many unique and weird businesses as well. By “weird” it does not means that these businesses are worthless, instead, many of them are important for human race. Let us discuss the top 10 such weird businesses which have women behind them.


1. Anger Room

Anger room

It is a well-known fact that women get angry sooner than men. Donna Alexander, a woman who used to be angry very soon, came up with the concept of Anger Room. Initially, she started it at Dallas strip mall. People used to come here and bang various objects kept there. So, you can also make reservations in Anger Rooms situated near you, if you become too much angry at times.


2. Baby Bangs

Baby Bangs

For bald babies, Lisa Campbell started a unique and innovative business. She started this as hair-replacement business and later on, when she progressed in this profession, she, along with her company, started manufacturing hair-extensions for baby girls. These extensions came in various colors and designs. Soon, this business became popular and Lisa Campbell was regarded as the founder of Baby Bangs.


3. Professional Spankers

Professional Spankers

Professional Spankers are the women who correct the children’s behavior on their parents’ demand. This concept was brought up by Maude Kelly of Canada. She initially started this business at a small scale and published a few ads in newspapers. Later on, when this business grew, she came up with more and more customers. According to her, there was no harm in taking a child across if it was for his/her good.


4. The Snuggery

The Snuggery

Scientists say that personal touch is a great way to relieve stress and depression for men as well as women. If you don’t have that special someone, you can always take help form professional snugger. But, thanks to Jacqueline Samuel, if this lady had not initiated the idea of professional snuggery, perhaps this business would have never existed. Women try to comfort their customers in a non-sexual way. Women are believed to be comforters and this is what drives this business.


5. The Other World Kingdom

The Other World Kingdom

OWK (Other World Kingdom) was founded in 1996. This kingdom has its own rulers, currency, passports, flag and police force. In this kingdom, women are the rulers and men are the slaves. Situated in Czech Republic, this kingdom even has a torture chamber. Currently, this OWK is converted into an internet club.


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