Top 10 Ways Barack Obama Is Just Like Herbert Hoover

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No doubt anyone can make after hearing the name of the current as well as the former Presidents of USA and their impressive and successful work. But the most recognized and the most popular Barack Obama and Herbert Hoover Presidency needs to be compared as both took the same path to the success of USA. Here are some points which deals with the similarity between them:


1. The Bonus Army

The Bonus Army

Bonus Army is a type of war revolution created by a huge number of people including the marchers, the veterans, families and other groups. This main reason of this gathering among people is demanding of cash payment absolution of their service certificate. This situation occurs in both the case of President Herbert Hoover as well as the current President Barack Obama. Currently this problem has been seen in US due to the government shutdown which results in huge problems among military veterans. The same case occurs in Hoover’s reign when payments were delayed due to economic problems.


2. Socialism


Both Hoover and Obama follow the path of socialism which moves them forward to the path of their success as well as that of the country. Both of them adopted social methods to increase the Federal Spending of Government. This increase in Federal Spending is mainly due to increase in the taxes and all the trading import export tax and services for other nations and countries all around the world. With this path of success they both became progressive and reformer.


3. Mexican Repatriation

Mexican Repatriation

Mexican Repatriation was a migration among huge crowd of people which occurred mainly due to the pressure made on the people of Mexican to leave America. Most of these Mexican people were illegal and despite of having illegality they were involved in too many job offers. Both the President ordered the agents to have a site check among people whether they are public or private, they would be thrown away if they are found to be illegal. In Hoovers rule they were around 2 million in number while they increased up to 4 million during the Obama rule.


4. Educated First Lady

Educated First Lady

Firstly introducing to Hoover’s wife as Lou Hoover was the First Lady of USA. She was known as First Lady because of that she was the first lady to broadcast radio on regular basis and also she played an important role in constructing the Presidential traditions. She was highly educated as she took education from Stanford University and the only female geology major at that time. Now coming to Michelle Obama, completed her education from the very famous Harvard University. She is currently known as the first African American First Lady of America.


5. The Bubble Economy

The Bubble Economy

Both Presidents faced the scenario of Bubble Economy in their ruling period. The term “Bubble Economy” generally refers to the problem due to reduction in economy in one country due to the stock fall in other country on which the former country is dependent. At the end of World War I, the repayment of the destruction by Germany in terms of money caused this situation of Bubble Economy. Germany borrowed from USA and paid other countries like France and Britain. France and Britain re-paid USA and USA would re-invest in Germany but after sometimes when the stock market crashed, no further investment is made and there is no path for Germany to re-pay back the money taken from USA. This is known as Bubble Economy. Similar case arises when Asia is affected by the problem of financial crises due to the fall in stock market in USA.


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