Top 10 Most Technically Advanced Robots

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It has been anticipated from a long time that droids doing our daily work, whether it is related to washing cars or for fighting wars. Today, technically advanced robots are being developed by engineers, Government, and Private sector. The sole objective behind these developments is not other than minimizing the human efforts. Now-a-days, the ambit of robotics is not confined to comics and movies only; instead they have their wide application in real life. Robots and their ancillary machines have become an essential part of our life. We can’t even think to do a single piece of work without taking help of robots. Apart from this, in the present era our environment is encapsulated with machines particularly robots. They affect our life from bedroom to boardroom. Some nations are trying to develop humanoid robots so that wars will be fought and hence, reducing the human resources loss during such wars. It can be clearly infer from the recent disaster that we as humans have our own limitations to accomplish in dangerous situations. So for better disaster management too we cannot afford more to ignore the importance of robots. Here is a list of top 10 most technically advanced robots.


1. Asimo


Designed by Honda to be used as a personal assistant, this robot has many applications and can be run by a controller or a computer. Asimo is a very sensible robot in the sense that it can sense the sound, posture and even face of people and distinguish between them and also, respond to them accordingly.


2. Atlas


Recently, DARPA unveiled the most technologically advanced robot to this day. It was manufactured by Boston Dynamics who designed it to act as a human responder in situations like nuclear meltdown. The dexterity with which this robot can react to situations is unprecedented and has not been observed till yet in any other robot.


3. Morpheus


Controlling a robot with gestures or controllers is quite normal in this technologically advanced world but can one imagine controlling a robot by using mind. Yes, the technology enabling mind-control is available and has gained significant popularity with time. Morpheus- a robot launched recently is based on mind-control technology as it has the ability to follow directions given by thoughts.


4. Actroid


The next technologically advanced robot that we have in this list is Actroid. It is an advanced version of HRP-4C which also had a humanoid face. It was first made by Kokoro Company Ltd which is known to be an advanced player in this market. Actroid has a special ability to respond to different kind of tactile data in a different way due to the air-powered actuators placed at several points in the body. For instance, if it apprehends that it is going to be slapped then it will move out of the way but wouldn’t respond the same way in case of a gentle tap on the shoulder.




Ever since the Uncanny Valley theory was propounded, the scientists have shied away from making robots who look alike human beings. However, scientists at University of Pisa are attempting to prove this theory wrong. In this regard, they have made a robot called FACE which has been considered as a breakthrough in this field for the kind of perfection this robot has achieved in mimicking human expressions. While most robots that are capable of imitating human expressions can do so in not more than 5-6 ways but FACE has ability to show stages between changes of emotions. The most important application of this robot can be teaching children who suffer from autism to understand the mindset of people by reading facial expressions.


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