Top 10 Ways to Impress Your Girlfriend

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Love is a beautiful emotion that holds two people together. Often, unfortunately the two souls do drift apart, but that does not mean one should stop falling in love. The drifting apart and break ups mean that either something has gone terribly wrong in some way or people are so driven by their ego that they are not willing to clear it out, or there was no love at the first place. Because, I believe that when two people are in love there is no room for ego. Love makes you want to do all that things for your special one that you have always heard of or read about. What can you guys do to impress your girlfriend? Here are ten simple tips. Enjoy!


1. “…. I love you.”

I love you

There is nothing more a girl wants to hear from her man. Tell her “I love you” numerous times throughout the day. Text her, call her, mail her, meet her, whatever you do, make it a point to mention these three most loved words in the history of mankind to your girl all the time and make her go ‘awww’. She can never have enough of this line. Five years into a relationship, and I still can’t have enough of it. *Blush*.


2. Show Genuine Concern in Matters regarding her Family

Show Genuine Concern

Nothing is more important in an individual’s life than his or her family. Same goes for your girlfriend. She is love with you, but that does not mean she always has to talk romantic and get mushy mushy. Because you are the closest to her, she likes to share every small detail with you. When she talks about her family, don’t be an idiot and be busy somewhere else. Listen to what she says. That’s the least you can do for her. Every girl loves that ‘family’ side in her guy. So when she tells you a member of her family is unwell, you don’t have to go and meet that person. You can put your reassuring arm around her and assure her that everything will be fine. That will be more than enough for her to make her believe that she had chosen the right guy to fall in love with.


3. Arrange Occasional Dates for her

Arrange Occasional Dates

Not the usual dates, I mean. Not the casual outings, or movies, lunch, dinners etc. you go to. Plan a date beforehand. Like a long drive. Or even if it is a dinner, make sure you make advance reservations for a table for the couple. Or take a day off and plan to spend it the way she has always wanted to. Take her to the place where your love story had started, if that is possible. But what is more important than the planning is the execution. So plan out the entire date well, but execute it out even better. A girl seldom remains unimpressed by such sweet efforts from her boyfriend.


4. Make her Something Beautiful

Make her Something Beautiful

Like a card. Or a scrapbook with all your pictures taken together and the ‘moments’ you two spent together. Or anything she likes. There are some things money can’t buy. A handmade gift for your girl is one of them. Wait, you suck at art and craft? No problem. You Tube is always there at your rescue. Even if you are unable to decide what to make her, you can always google it and come up with something beautiful for your angel.


5. Wait for her after her Work or Classes Get Over

Wait for her

At times, all it takes to get back on track is a few steps. If you guys are in the same city but studying or working at different places, at times wait for her outside her office or college, without informing her beforehand. Imagine that expression of surprise on her pretty face when she sees you outside after a hectic day of work. She will surely be impressed. The idea is to keep reminding her how awesome you are.


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