Top 10 Traits of a Person with Virgo Astrological Sun Sign

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The astrological signs are believed to elucidate about a person’s characteristics. Sun sign astrology is based on the position of Sun at a person’s birth. There are twelve sun signs or zodiac signs. Virgo is the sixth sign of the twelve sun signs. The characteristics will be different for both men and women even if they have the same sun sign; however they share some common traits. Those who are born between August 23 and September 22 come under Virgo sign. The sign is represented by a woman, and the sign is alluded to the traits of virgin, that is modesty and purity. The positive and the negative traits are looked into in this piece of work. The Virgos are industrious, practical and tailor made for any job, so employers out there; you can hire the Virgo candidate without a doubt! These are the commonly found traits, and if any Virgo does not share these, it may be that Mercury, the Roman god who is the Lord of this sign, is slightly upset with you!!!


1. Perfectionists


They are intelligent and so work oriented. They cannot ignore fault and perhaps they cannot tolerate imperfection, they are die hard perfectionists! They see things as black and white and are consciously or unconsciously unaware of the grey shades of life.  They are often criticized for being judgmental and overtly perfectionist. Their meticulous trait helps them a lot in attaining perfection. they are also cleanliness freaks, so next time you come across such a person, learn if they belong to Virgo sun sign and if they do, then take attention not to spoil their work or else you shall become a prey to their wrath. And now do not assume that they suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder!! There is a tremendous sense of duty in them and they would spend their lives doing work to serve their family and people related to them.  The pursuit towards perfection comes in way of enjoyment and entertainment. If life had been too perfect, there would not have been any sense of enjoyment or happiness. Nobody is perfect, all have nuances of imperfections in them; it is so with the Virgo also, they have both negatives and positives. If a Virgo, fashions his or her speech in  a way that their opinions sound moderate and less rude, they shall become the best  companions a person can ever have in life.


2. Love


Yes, they are persnickety people but not so rude and insensitive; they have immense love tapped in their hearts. They are often predicted to be insensitive parents, children and partners. Apparently this is not true and they are very reliable people. They are practical so do not expect an emotional outpouring and the romantic gifts as we in movies and ads. There is a slight problem however, the details of the relationship will be looked upon by the Virgo lover, for them life is not a period of time to waste but live accordingly. A candle lit dinner and a romantic night shall sound dramatic and stupid to them; rather they would be keen on saving money for a perfect life. They shall be devoted and serious about their relations and relationships. The better way to handle Virgo is to accept the fact that love independence and give them personal space.


3. Modesty


They may picky or fussy, but only rarely they indulge in blowing their trumpet. They would do things in an organized way; they may do great things, but are least interested in boasting about such things. For them it is a part of their selves and nothing more than that. That is really a great quality of an achiever.


4. Direct


Now this is something we should admire, they do not beat around the bush; they say things on face and in a very direct manner. They call a spade a spade and are least bothered to couch their words in syrup of sugar. This makes Virgo sound very rash, but what to do; the sun sign demands such a bold attitude. They have an advantage of communicating properly, which is their strength.


5. Benevolent


Being tough outside does not steal away the elixir of love from their hearts. They are like nuts, with a difficult shell to break and a soft and sweet nut inside. They can help people and their practical outlook helps others in times of distress and thus they make hell of a friends; their way of doing things can inspire us.  Their rational sense of mind would help others in all possible ways.


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