Top 10 Reasons why People Commit Suicide

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Human life is a blessing .It is said to be the most beautiful gift of Almighty to us. We all must hence, live our life with full enthusiasm and joy. Though amidst living, obstacles come in our way in many forms and hinder our happy living, we must not forget that all these are a part of life as well. The actual worth of lovely feelings like love, care ,happiness, etc would not have been realized until we would not ,at times, been deprived of them. So, I would say the Heroism of us, human beings, lies in living the life in the best way possible without giving up, however miserable we may feel.
From the long past, it has been seen that individuals give up their lives due to various reasons. This act of giving up one’s life with one’s own will is called as Suicide. Suicide, is said to be occurring out of many reasons, it is quite difficult to mark out a particular reason for the attempt. An individual decides to perform this dangerous task when he’s unable to cope up with the challenges that he’s put into and the situation becomes completely unbearable to him/her. Such situations might occur because of various reasons like mental illness, physical pain, emotional breakdown, etc. Let us investigate the important causes that lead people to take such a disastrous step.


1. Mental Illness

Mental Illness

The foremost cause of suicide is the mental illness in its various forms, most important being, depression. Depression that is caused because of innumerous reasons and almost the ultimate form of all the above mentioned points. When the depression is not treated properly, or not treated at all, it often leads to suicide. There are also cases where depression is seen as been transferred through genes and when these people do not understand their continuous depressed self, they give up on living such a life.
Other mental illness like bipolar disorder, anxiety disorder, schizophrenia, etc. often make people to die by choosing suicide.
Hence, we see that there are innumerous people who are forced to give away their life because of various reasons, life that is so precious, that is loved by all beings .All of us must try to keep an optimistic approach towards life. However cruel the situations may be one must not give up instead accept the challenge and try to communicate with their mates and like a hero courageously fight the battle of life? And if one discovers anybody talking about suicide must try to assist him/her, instead of simply neglecting. I would like to conclude with the amazing and certainly true line, „Life is miraculous, even if it’s disastrous”.


2. Divorce or heartbreak


Love and its institutionalized form, Marriage, are bound by very fragile bonds and when they are broken, they seem to be the greatest of all losses. Divorce, in many cases , is too hard to be accepted and has been found as an important cause of suicide amongst married people. Breakup of a love relation especially at a young or teen age inflicts too much of anguish almost to a level where the adolescent completely acquires blindness and feels that love is everything and there is no one  on the earth to live for. Failure in love for them means loser in life and they feel breakdown to a level that they slay themselves.


3. Hopelessness


Many people who find themselves stuck in situations where there is no hope left, feel themselves all alone, no one around who could apprehend and aid them, start feeling that life is a burden with no ray of hope left, are the ones most prone to suicidal attempts. They feel helpless and self-slaughter.


4. Negative peer pressure

Negative peer pressure

Peer pressure is the social influence that youngsters get from their companions. Peer pressure has been a major cause of students’ suicide. First of all they are asked to perform a task that he/she isn’t really ready to do, then he/she is embarrassed in front of everybody for what he/she has done, the student feels himself/herself morally corrupted, is unable to imagine what if parents get to know, unable to communicate with them, and at last finding nobody who cares for him/her finds suicide as the easiest way out.


5. Serious Illness

Serious Illness

Prolonged illness, pain lead to loss of will to live. It is mostly seen among elderly people who feel that along with them their family members are tholing too. Being a paltry thing, completely dependent on others for living with no nearby hope and sick of the elongated illness choose to get eternal relief by dying and hence, commit suicide.


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