Top 10 Reasons why UK is so famous

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United Kingdom is more than just England. Yes, it’s a common perception of many people that England and The United Kingdom are same. United Kingdom consists of basically four different countries Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland are two different countries. Now the government of UK is constitutional monarchy with the largest city London being the capital. UK has been very famous since the start of cyclized life. Current a very developed nation and a very stable economy as its currency sterling are of the highest value, even more than dollar. The major reason for this small group of nations to build such a powerful economy was that they were able to drain wealth from their slave countries and now are utilizing that wealth. Here are the top ten reasons UK is famous for.


1. Football


The most watched sport at the moment world over. People are just crazy for Barclays Premier League and are a regular follower of it. Premier league features teams like Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool whose fan base if completely combined will turn out to be larger than the population of many nations. Among these Manchester United is the most successful and most followed world over. The amount of money, excitement and emotions involved during the league makes it very interesting and the viewership has always been on the rise, especially during the transfer window. Recently Gareth Bale (Welsh) was transferred from Tottenham Hotspurs for a transfer fee involving a record 100 million euros. Why wouldn’t the league make headlines when such amount of money is involved? The national team of England is also pretty successful making football a start attraction of United Kingdom.


2. Universities


Everybody at some point of time in life dreamt of studying in Oxford or Cambridge. I too, but soon realized that not all dreams and wishes come true. Well UK is just famous for the quality of academics and environment provided by the world renowned universities like Oxford and Cambridge. Their popularity is such that in India if you ask a man about Indian universities he would be unaware but when asked about either Oxford or Cambridge he would certainly know something about them. Then among students apart from this there are many popular universities like London school of economics, Glasgow University and Leeds University. United Kingdom is definitely blessed with some of the world’s best universities and those institutes definitely deserve all the credit.


3. Wimbledon


One of the four grand slams of tennis held annually. It is the oldest of them all and being held at the green lawns of All England Club since 1877. History has been made and records created as well as broken in this championship numerous times. It is the most popular of all grand slams as well and attracts crowd from all over the globe. Even the players try and give more than their best in this championship. The best part is strict dress code for competitors, eating of strawberries and cream by spectators and The Royal Patronage. They have kept the legacy going and the same old Wimbledon is still alive.


4. Cricket


This game was introduced by England only as the Gentlemen’s game. England dominated the proceedings earlier but later on other teams took over and such is the competition that England could never win the World Cup. Cricket has transformed from gentlemen’s game to more physical and demanding form. But this has increased the viewership and followers. The fierce rivalry of Ashes between England and Australia still attracts lakhs of crowd and the viewership globally is also huge. The domestic circuit of England is also very well developed and one of the best in world.


5. The Royal Family

The Royal Familty

They are the first celebrities of UK even before the actors came into limelight. It includes the immediate family of the Queen or King. In UK their lives and marriages have always been a subject of national news and common people always try and sneak a way into their private life. The Royal wedding of Prince Williams and Kate Middleton was telecasted live all over the globe. Who wouldn’t know about UK after that?  Who wouldn’t go and google about the royal family after that?


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