Top 10 Reasons why UK is so famous

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6. Stonehenge


Stonehenge is one of the seven wonders of world. A site of World Heritage, religious significance and a declared National Treasure by the UK government. It is believed to have been built somewhere around 3000 BC according to an archaeological survey in 2008. It attracts tourists from all over the globe if someone is in UK heshe will definitely try to be at Amesbury for Stonehenge. Many other reports suggest that Stonehenge could have been a burial ground during ancient times due to many remains of dead bodies found around and between it. This site is definitely gives UK a special place of significance on globe because like Taj Mahal is to India, Stonehenge is to UK.


7. Shakespeare


We all must have heard his name. He is just dam famous. As children we had his poems or plays in school literature course. Shakespeare was an English poet and playwright. He is regarded as the greatest writer of English language. World Renowned as a dramatist, his played are performed on stage than any of the playwrights. His work has been translated into many languages. So globally a huge amount of people have read his work or works and is assumed by citizens of UK as their National Poet. Shakespeare definitely made UK proud and no doubt he features on this list for making UK famous worldwide.


8. Harry Potter

Harry Potter

JK Rowling was a very ordinary person just like many of us until she penned this brilliant story of Harry Potter. Hats off to this exceptional work of fantasy novel series. I am a big fan of harry potter myself and read the full series. But the main fan base was created after these novels were made into movies and world over where people couldn’t lay their hands on these novels watched the movies. Harry Potter movies have made many records of earnings and collection. Among the youth and children everybody wanted to join a wizard school and imagined if such a place actually exists. The platform 9 of London must have been very famous after first movie was released. Many people tried getting through it and hurt themselves. Well Harry Potter definitely makes UK a very popular place.


9. Beatles


This band of “Fab Four” was formed in 1960 and had become international stars by 1964. Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Starr were pioneering figures of Rock music at that time and had started with Liverpool gradually raising their platform up to the international level. They were the first British band to feature in US top music charts. Their popularity was so high that during those days they sold about 177 million albums worldwide. That is an incredible figure in sixties. They are still on top of the all-time most successful bands despite breaking up in 1970. Beatles was certainly not much behind other members of this list in making their own country a popular figure.


10. James Bond

James Bond

Things which come into my mind after Bond are gadgets, bond girls, cars and theme songs. Well many girls may also die for the fictional character James Bond. Ian Flemings started James Bond series as novels and short stories in 1953. Since then 23 movies have been made and six different Bonds have been used. James Bond movies are the longest continually running series and second most grossing film series of all time. Started way back in 1962 by Dr No and latest in 2012 Skyfall. James Bond is very popular name which would strike anyone when the word spy or special agent is used. The British secret service agent is tenth on my list but is a very popular figure globally and is still making UK proud.

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