Top 10 Reasons why America is known as the Land of Opportunities

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6. Ethnic diversity:

Ethnic diversity

Ethnic diversity means people belong to different races living together, where all these people represent different cultures and different life styles. America has room for all of them. Officially America has 6 different ethical groups with black, white and Asians living together in the same neighborhood and all of these live with contentment. America is free from all kinds of religious, racial, and ethnic borders.


7. Talent from around the globe:

Talent from around the globe

If we slant a look at the universities of America, the students studying there have been picked from different parts of the worlds and they are simply extraordinary. The engineers and other employees working in the all the multinational companies are handpicked from throughout the world. The people employed in the IT companies or NASA are the basically the cream of the world, so for those people who want to conduct their researches or those who want do not want to waste their talents, America is the place for them.


8. Minority rights:

Minority rights

The people coming from different nations or countries to America are technically a minority. They are different from the people already living in America in factors like race, language, religion. These things automatically lead to a sense of complexity, in such cases it is the duty of the law enforcing agencies to safeguard the lives, property and honor of such people, US provides rights to the minorities, unlike the other countries America has strict laws when it comes to minority. The people belonging to the minority are treated with respect and care.


9. Freedom:


Freedom is the basic right of a human being, he is supposed to do whatever he wants but certain customs of the family or society, or sometimes the responsibilities, the pressure of career etc, and these things do not let him do it. There are certain professions which are not accepted in society for example parents want their children to become doctors and engineers not a rapper, the youth of these days like unusual professions. The kind of Professions which either does not guarantee a secure future or they are not the respected ones. America is the country which freely accepts like professions, allows the people to live the life they want and gives ultimate freedom.


10. Immigrants are Welcomed:


Every second person wants to go to America, be it for education, job, and career or just for the sake the pursuing dream. America on the other hands welcomes them all; millions of people migrate to America and start a new life. It is because of the standard of life America provide that a person once here he never wants to go back, immigrants never find any similar to it. America is willing to absorb all kind of people, America makes them feel at home and provide warmth. If not legally then people try to go to America illegally as well, those who are not given the visa’s go to America through means which are not legal.

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