Top 10 Reasons why going on a Blind Date is a Bad Idea

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A blind date is to meet a person never seen before by you and only known to you by chattings done with him/her in chat rooms. Basically most people prefer a restaurant to be a meeting place but it can even be going to a movie, spending some time on the beach or disco at a pub. It can be anything which fulfills the motto of knowing the person better and cherish the time spent with him, which will help you to decide whether to go ahead with the relationship or not. It also gives a clear cut picture of the intensions of the person as to whether he is seriously into it or just for time pass. So blind date is bound to be fully mysterious and here are the top 10 reasons why it could be a flop. You go on a blind date to a restaurant, looking forward to meet your Dreamboy .

Please feel free to replace ‘he’ with ‘she’.


1. Craving to mingle


His personality might not be as expected. He turns out to be a fat, white haired or even a very aged person with a young mindset not able to find a date because of his appearance. A complete opposite of the Dream Boy, you were looking out for. You might be expecting him to be young hunk handsome dude ( 21 yrs old), but he turns out to be an old hag (60-70 yrs) earnestly willing to mingle, out of no option, or out of attraction or out of mere boredom, compulsion felt out of human desire to be taken care of, groomed just like monkeys need other monkeys to rub them and scratch them. Hehe, it’s a basic human instinct, a human desire, and human insights to be loved and crave for being wanted by someone.

Even worse, he may turn out to be a Human trafficker. Who could sedate you and then sell you to a Sex worker or sell your organs (kidney, liver etc). He could be a maniac, who would torture you for the rest of your life. He could be a characterless person, cheating on his wife. Who would take your pictures and then blackmail you later on. He could be a drug dealer / a sex addict.


2. Different outlook and Fashion Disaster

Fashion disaster

You have fallen for his words and views through his writings, but it might have all been copy – pasted from famous blogs and sites. He simply doesn’t have any actual feelings. Nowadays there are sites even to teach people how to do sexting and so it’s a clear cut miscommunication.

He might look shabby. Doesn’t wear good clothes pertaining to GenX, leave alone washed and ironed once in a week. Wears clothes which have torn underarms and have a skunky stinge.


3. Yo Yo Guy

Yo Yo Guy 

He may not follow the classy old style, where a woman is given first preference. He opens the door, goes in and shuts it on your face quite unintentionally. Or you might be expecting him to pull the chair for you but he goes first and sits comfortably on his chair with a childlike eagerness. He may not know much about the kind of formalities / once in a lifetime flirts (“which men do only before marriage”). He might turn out to be a yo yo guy.


4. Social phobia and too caring 

Social phobia

He happens to be a very nervous, shy, introvert person – active only in the internet’s social networking sites like Facebook and other chat rooms etc, but may not be feeling free in front of you. Because of which he trips and falls over the waiter or someone else while entering the restaurant where you both have agreed to meet. Then he tries to warm up a little bit, put his legs out , stretchout a bit (SHOW OFF) and  unintentionally makes the waiter fall down with a hot soup/ chutney / hot coffee fall all over his body .

He may be too self-conscious, a social disaster and leaves you in an embarrassing situation. He doesn’t change his expression. He might eat something and have that self-conscious feeling as to why are all looking at me? Or Have only a smiley face throughout, unable to change his expression because of socialphobia . Even when you say a sad thing / a very superb thing, he can’t change his expressions because he is continuously trying to impress you or unknowingly trying to give more importance to you .It might be his habit to listen to people and give more preference to people around him. He might be too caring, which is not is not at all liked by you.


5. Surprise


Time to show his love for you! He might give you a surprise, may be a wedding ring in your cake or  your glass of wine or in your drink, which you need to search for but accidentally you swallow it and end up in the hospital having a bad date .


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