Top 10 Effective Ways Cure Diarrhoea

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6. Eat Bananas

Eat Bananas

Bananas are always suggested for having a good stomach. Now that you are reading this article, most probably you have not cared to pay heed to that age old golden advice. However, it is time that you do so now. Bananas have an absorbing capacity. They can easily absorb the excess water in the stomach, thereby reducing the symptoms of diarrhoea. They are a rich source of pectin like carrots that help in curbing diarrhoea. You can mix bananas in a bowl of yoghurt in order to increase the effect of bananas as well as yoghurt in dealing with diarrhoea. However, do not try to eat banana split sundae, dear readers!


7. Eat Brown Rice

Eat Brown Rice

Brown rice is highly recommended to people who want to lose those extra pounds. In addition to that, this magical kind of rice is highly beneficial in alleviating diarrhoea too. Brown rice is rich in Vitamin B that helps in curbing the gruesome symptoms of diarrhoea.  This helps in removing the toxics that have been hitherto accumulated in the body. To enhance the medicinal properties of brown rice, you can eat it along with mashed bananas or a bowl of yoghurt too.


8. Eat carrots

Eat carrots

When suffering from diarrhoea, a lot of electrolytes drain out from the body. The body becomes really weak due to a loss of necessary minerals. You can nibble on carrots or drink carrot juice too. You may also boil carrots and puree them. Adding honey or lime juice to it too can add taste to an otherwise somewhat bland drink. Carrots help to replenish the lost nutrients during diarrhoea. Carrots are a good source of pectin that helps in getting rid of this deadly disease as swiftly as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Go, grab a carrot right away!


9. Take Fenugreek Seeds

Take Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds are considered to be very helpful in stomach related problems. The herbal qualities of fenugreek are very strong and are used in various natural medicines.  They have high mucilage content. They absorb excess of water resulting in binding of stool. The best way to consume fenugreek seeds is to put two teaspoons full in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it. This is a fast way to deal with diarrhoea in an easiest way. In addition to this, surveys have shown that fenugreek is helpful in preventing hair loss too. Hence, by consuming them, you can hit two birds with a single stone!


10. Yoghurt


Your science teacher must have told you that not all bacteria are bad. This small information can come to your rescue if applied properly. In order to cure diarrhoea, you must eat yoghurt with live cultures (lactobacillus acidophilus and bifid bacterium). The production of lactic acid helps in killing the bad bacteria and regulating the enzymes to their normal levels. Having a bowl of yoghurt with every meal for at least three to four days continuously can help to cure diarrhoea. Even if you are not suffering from diarrhoea, having yoghurt as a precautionary measure is not at all bad. As grandma would have said, prevention is better than cure!

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