Top 10 Ways to Spot those who are Vulnerable and Self-conscious

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6. Share your knowledge

Share your knowledge

When you put yourself out to others, they will know that you are being honest and showing your sensitive side. You can definitely be trusted. The person will feel comfortable in your company and will start to share his secrets as well. You may never know but your friend might turn out to be a big vulnerable person at heart and trying to hide his true feelings. Until and unless you share your knowledge with them you would not realize their soft corner and their self-conscious side. You will learn about a whole new self of them. Brace yourself up for the surprises to knock at your door!


7. Action


Do not take people’s criticism to the heart. People often dwell on the fun being made of and keep on carving out evil plans to avenge them. People often react violently to others and display their vulnerable side. Rolling eyes, closed fists and shaking legs are the common signs if you want to know whether the person has taken your joke in a light headed manner or secretly planning to burn you in his mind. Take precautions!


8. Embarrassment


Cheeks flustered red even when there is no flirting involved, eyes down and unable to have eye contact. If you think of these to be the symptoms of a terminal disease then I must tell you that you are wrong. Of course you would not be thinking in those lines. Vulnerable and self-conscious get embarrassed very quickly. Their skin goes red and they start to have butterflies in their stomach for no good reasons. It is a common scientific fact that blushing and embarrassment go hand in hand. In fact it is the best way to identify a potential self-conscious person. It is and outward manifestation of the things going inside your mind. It can even trigger anxiety in adverse situations. It is a self-perpetuating habit and a learned behaviour.


9. Excuses

Excuses me

Intentionally avoiding social situations, you are on alert. Some people sweat a lot; they need to carry a cloth with them to wipe off the sweat. Or they avoid the conditions as such. Excusing oneself from any sports or other physical activities will not help you in the long run. It will only aggravate your behaviour near masses.


10. Dwelling nature

Dwelling nature

Sometimes we laugh off at the jokes made on us and forget with the others. But there are people who start to think about themselves once they are mocked at. They tend to dwell on the jokes and think if they are really worth anything. Too much for a human being, right? In a friends gathering, you suddenly crack a joke and everyone is laughing except one or two. Then you have caught your self-conscious friends. If you are taking much time to get over a joke, then it is high time that you get over the excessive self-consciousness.

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