Top 10 Rated E Wii Games

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One cannot thwart the temptation of playing Nintendo Wii. Who would not like to sing to their favourite Disney song? Better yet, who would not venerate Boney M, Abba and other amazing classic 70s dances? If you are an adult who grew up in the 1990s, there are Super Mario games that can rejuvenate your younger self and classic 1990s songs that bring you back to the good times. Nintendo Wii has it all and here are the top 10 Rated E Nintendo Wii games that you would not want to miss.


1. Just Dance

Many parents are immensely worried about the age of cyberspace. Cyberspace is everywhere and you cannot miss it, even in the comfort of your own home. If you are just talking to a friend who is across the street or researching a paper on the internet, you are inhibited in the world of cyberspace. With cyberspace there comes pros and cons. Sadly, many individuals use cyberspace to portray violence and to uproot violence in video games in real life. Just Dance is nothing like that. It is a video game introduced into the world of Wii. It is fun for the whole family and has songs that are appropriate for all ages. The moves and illustrations do not promote violence and nonetheless do not make anyone feel offended. It merely displaces you from the real to the hyper-real using bewildering technologies and astounding visual effects.


2. Just Dance 2

If you like to dance to Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas” or would like to be challenged by The Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up”, Just Dance 2 is for you as well. This game is again convivial for the whole family and let’s you step away from the real into that which is hyper-real. Every song makes you feel the beat and has you going beyond your norm. Specifically, The Pussycat Dolls’ song “When I Grow Up” has you doing some of the moves of Drag Queens, giving you a taste of something different, yet cool.


3. Just Dance Kids

If you still are not appeased with leaving your child alone to play on Wii using Just Dance or Just Dance 2, Wii has Just Dance Kids. This game has 40+ songs, which are excellent for birthday parties and has kids enjoying the world of cyberspace without parents worrying about violent portrayals or adult vulgar language.


4. Super Mario Galaxy

Those who grew up in the early 1990s are used to playing and watching Super Mario on Super Nintendo and on TV respectively. You never get too young to think about the good times, sitting in front of a television screen and going through all these adventurous worlds and in the end succeeding in your quests. Super Mario Galaxy rejuvenates your young self and brings you back to your toddler years. The graphics are better, the challenges are ambitious, yet the characters are the same. This game too is not something you would want to miss.


5. Super Mario Galaxy 2

If you were ecstatic about Super Mario Galaxy the original version and would like to continue your quest in the world of cyberspace, this game is for you as well. The graphics are astounding and beyond this world. You feel like you are watching a 3D game without using glasses. The characters are bigger, the graphics are larger and one cannot help but rejuvenate him/herself in the world of Mario. If you are having trouble with this game and Super Mario Galaxy and feel you cannot accept the challenge, a tutorial is there to guide you. In the end you can mimic the moves and take home the bacon in no time.


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