10 Reasons Why Emotional Distance is Important

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Emotions play an important component of a human. This distinguishes him from other animals. Emotions seem to be beautiful when memories related to it are good. Humans are emotional being. No two human beings have the same emotions. They vary from individual to individual. Every individual has  his own thought pattern and thinking process. Keeping an emotional distance, but in a limited amount is very important for a person.  This is a very crucial topic in an account of a person’s emotional state. The following are some of the important reasons why emotional distance is important. Many psychologists have also pointed out the importance of maintaining an emotional distance in our relationships.

1.Adjustment in other environment:


A person’s adjustment in a different environment is directly proportionate to his/her emotional distance in his/her relationships. When a person is not much attached and is stronger in his/her relationships he/she will definitely adjust with others and in any environment. This adjustment on the other hand will help the person to grow. So when we maintain an emotional distance in our relationship we are able to adjust with people across and in every environment.

2. Adaptability:


When we maintain an emotional distance in our relationships we can easily adapt to different people and I different environment. On the other hand, if we do not maintain our emotional distance and are attached emotionally I our relationships we are not able to adapt ourselves in different environments. So if we want ourselves or our coming generation to be much stronger and want their adaptability to be higher than we should maintain an emotional distance among our relationship.

3. Healthy Relationship:


In order to maintain healthy emotional relationships we need to maintain emotional distance by avoiding too much attachment among our relationships. We should provide each other the space that is needed in a relationship. A healthy relationship always makes the people stronger and wiser that are in the relationship.  So for healthy relationship we need to maintain our emotional distance.

4. To avoid interference:


Emotional attachment results in interference of tasks among individual which may be not liked by one of the two individuals. So emotional distance is important for a healthy emotional relationship. It’s very important to help each others in our relationships may it be our family or friends, but we should not get so much attached that the help turns out to be an interference. So  emotional distance is important to avoid interference in our relationships.

5. To avoid fights:


When two people are emotionally attached to each other they are always involved in every  bits and pieces of each other. This may result in fights between people. No two people have same thinking patterns and the same thought process. There will be some kind of difference in their thinking. So in order to avoid fights we need to maintain an emotional distance between our relationships.

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